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Welcome to the SEAL Board. Read before posting - updated 27 July 13

Welcome to the NAVY SEAL Forum of SOCNET. You may wish to ask questions, post articles, or share information with SEALS and others who have a common interest in the SEALs. Some may be interested in joining the ranks of the Teams. Before you begin posting and asking questions, please take a moment to review the following. This is the home of the SEAL personnel on this site. You are welcome to come in and read all you like. Due to SEAL training, they tend to be intolerant of others, but even that has a limit. This also means that they are not obligated to waste their time answering your questions, replying to your demands, or listening to your opinions. You have no rights here, except the right to leave. If you persist, and are determined to be an annoyance they will not be nice to you, and eventually you will be told to leave. Should you choose not to do so, one of the admins will close out your account and/or lock your IP for access to this site. If you are a new member visiting this thread who is SEAL qualified, please contact one of the BTDTs here, or an admin at your convenience. Your credentials will be verified, and if everything checks out, you may be invited to join the BTDTs here in the restricted area. If you are going to try to pass yourself off as a BTDT in here and you are not, you will not last very long and your departure will definitely be unpleasant. In order to ensure that your visit is a pleasant one, the following information is provided: If you do not know the difference between SF, SOF, SEALs, Rangers, etc., you need to become conversant before you post here. If your topic does not pertain directly to SEAL TEAM, or you are unsure, do not post it here. You will probably be told so pretty quickly, perhaps in a direct manner, and the admins will move or delete it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO. You wanna be a Frogman? Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL IF you are seriously interested in joining our fraternity, I recommend you immediatly check out All of your questions, no matter how ignorant, can be answered there. If you are still interested after reading that site, contact a SEAL recruiter. Before asking a question here, research it! There is a Search function on this site. Use it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If a poster asks a specific question about SEALs or their training, wait for an actual SEAL to answer, even if you think you know the answer.


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