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  1. Book on Somalia finally got published
  2. Exerpt from Eyes Over Mogadishu
  3. Bravo Zulu (It's Free)
  4. No Guts, No Glory
  6. Proximity by EODDVR
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  10. Getting a magazine published?
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  12. SOCNETTER Book Signing
  13. My book about Afghanistan
  14. Book on Vulnerability Assessments
  15. The Recipient's Son by EODDVR
  16. New Cold War thriller just released on Amazon
  17. The Rampage of Ryan O'Hara
  18. Sniper's Notebook
  19. Signed copies of The Recipient's Son by EODDVR for SOCNETTERs
  20. New book release, "Proof of Our Resolve"
  21. State of the Island
  22. New Release of Snipercraft: Laying the Foundation For A Career As A Sniper
  23. Magician Writes a Book.
  24. Two Fiction Anthologies for Your Reading Enjoyment
  25. New Txchris novel, "Line in the Valley
  26. Military Writers Society of America
  27. Umbra: A Post-Apocalyptic Mystery
  28. New Release: The Belly of the Beast
  29. New Release: The Belly of the Beast
  30. Twisting in the Wind
  31. New Novel
  32. My first novel The Nephew
  33. My Amazon Author Page
  34. New Release: Foundations of Sniper Marksmanship
  35. The Law of the Gun