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11 October 2000, 23:35
Have there been any Aviation Survival Technicians to transfer to the Navy and become a SEAL? I have a co-worker who is cool, but I'm trying to see if he's the real deal. He came into the military in the early 90's.

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12 October 2000, 11:18

But I heard about an In-Flight Aircraft Wing Repairman from the Army who transferred to the SEAL teams without having to go to BUDs.

12 October 2000, 11:20
I apologize for the sarcasm "Young-BUCK",
But if you want to check on someone to find out if they graduated BUDs to become a SEAL you'll need to post their name in order to get an accurate response.

12 October 2000, 13:50
Thank you sensai! My co-worker's name is David Logan. He doesn't talk too much about it to anyone else. He told me about it because I told him that I was trying out for SF in the 20th Group where SFC Voss is.

makane (Formerly SpecOps Guy)

12 October 2000, 14:58
the last person with the last name Logan to finish BUD/S did so in 1953 - your friend is full of shit

12 October 2000, 15:36
Hey Makane!

Have they started the selection process yet? I was under the impression that they started off with a September drill. Are there many guys trying out this year?

12 October 2000, 17:35
Thanks Fred! This won't change my perceptions about my friend.I just needed to know. Rudedawg, we started last drill and there are about 11 of us trying out. Two additional people who were in the Jan- Apr class are going to SFAS soon. I believe that one is down at Camp Mackall as we speak. The other soldier is a 43 year old (YES 43) SGT who used to be stationed at Bragg. Boy, is he high speed!

13 October 2000, 11:26

Better late then never though.

Good Luck to you man, and feel free to shoot me an email.