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24 October 2000, 23:17
Hans Strand
Michael O'Shea

Both in there mid-30's to early 40's, neither of which claim to be SEALs, only rumored to be, from others in the LE community.

Thanks in adv.

25 October 2000, 01:03
no, and no

how are such rumors started?????????????

25 October 2000, 22:50
They start from mainly heresay, and assumptions. Sometimes when an Officer is above the expected proficiency in a specific skill or knowledgeable in certain areas, others tend to assume they had some sort of "specialized" background. (ie: mil. special ops) I'm not completely sure if asking to verify or disspell rumors in this forum is 'kosher'? I don't want to seem like I'm out for a witchunt. I just want to know the truth.