View Full Version : Astronaut--Bill Sheaperd

4 November 2000, 01:46
I was recently watching Discovery News when an article about the new space station and there first crew came on. It said that Bill Sheaperd was a Navy SEAL. This true??? Any relation to Alan Sheaperd??


4 November 2000, 22:46
Well, I was waiting for the young bucks to slam you, but since it's been a while. . . CAPT Bill Shepherd is STILL a SEAL AND an astronaut to boot. Early selected to 0-6 twice below zone. Do you not read the rest of the forums here?

5 November 2000, 09:02
FYI to the uninitiated: there are really only three promotions that one can early select for on the way to O-6. Meaning that the CAPT is, ah, red hot (obvious anyway).

Question: when did the CAPT select for O-6? Seems unusual that the SEALs would give up such a talented officer to NASA. Or is he coming back to SEALs and a set of gold shoulderboards after the astronaut gig is over (seems unlikely, or unwieldy at least)?