View Full Version : Here's another one from AOL. Possible SEAL.

2 December 2000, 17:16
Hello Trident86. Perhaps you could shed some light on this man's identity as well. No name or any important information provided in his profile. http://hometown.aol.com/leebfager/myhomepage/profile.html

2 December 2000, 21:05
Looks like Axl Rose!

2 December 2000, 22:54
If his name is in fact, "Lee B. Fager", then he never graduated from BUD/S. Not that we're the best spellers by any means, but we can come closer than "repelling". Incidentally, the properties on the picture say "axl01" or something like that, so I'd bet this guy is full of it.

3 December 2000, 03:21
Hairy bagpipe player...repelling humanity http://www.specialoperations.com/ubboard/biggrin.gif

3 December 2000, 03:32
Thanks a lot Trident86. Yes, I think you're right Josepy. The pic is of Axl Rose.

3 December 2000, 18:09
Welcome to the Jungle. http://www.specialoperations.com/ubboard/icons/icon6.gif