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15 December 2000, 14:38
How about a Steve Trimmer?
Got this in my inbox today:

Hello Tracy,
Our company provides boat training for law enforcement, military and the US Coast Guard.
We provide training at the customers location using their equipment and we do custom courses that are adapted to meet the needs of a particular clients operational requirements.
My personal experience is based on 20 years as a USN SEAL including 6 1/2 years in counter terrorism.
You can find more at our web site www.mti--inc.net (http://www.mti--inc.net)
I hope we can be of service,
Steve Trimmer VP
Maritime Training International Inc.

The URL he provided doesn't work and a search on google returns no exact matches.

15 December 2000, 15:33
Trimmer is real. I don't have any information about his assignment history, but I've seen his name floating around before.

16 December 2000, 18:02
OK, thanks