View Full Version : a fake?

18 December 2000, 02:26
Tomas A. Deitz, not too sure about the spelling. Claims to be Class 172.

18 December 2000, 11:32
Tom Deitz was an officer assigned to SEAL Team 3 and was part of a group of SEALs assigned to create the beach landing diversion during the initial stages of the Gulf War. If that's your man, he certainly is real.

18 December 2000, 13:28
CDR Thomas Devlin Deitz graduated with 142. No "Thomas A. Deitz" on the database.

18 December 2000, 14:00
Standing corrected.

18 December 2000, 15:59
Not meant that way, Rogue. I made the same mistake until I looked at it closer. You're right about Dietz' involvement in Desert Storm.

18 December 2000, 16:02
Thanks, man. I appreciate the correction all the same. There's enough crap going around that's only half-true. Generally, I don't jump into the Phony Fray, but when I do I like to be certain...thanks again.

18 December 2000, 18:06
Must be a fake then Trident, thanks anyway. Rogue, I think he must be a fake because he said he graduated from Class 172 and like Trident said, theres nobody with a Tomas A Deitz who graduated from BUD/S.

18 December 2000, 21:56
A smart loser phony would pick a "real" name off SEAL TV show or video to spout his BS. The class number is always a good check- Or maybe the CO's name at that command or something to that effect.