View Full Version : Not a phony-need some info

4 January 2001, 19:51
Trident- Can you help me out on this?
Cmdr James Slyfield. He's now CO of the SAFS at the Navy/Marines center in Wa. Was kind enough to invite me down for the USMC Combat Pistol course. Would like to know when he did BUD/S and any good stories leading to suggestions for gift. Via email best. Thanks.

5 January 2001, 02:37
I know Jim...yes he is real deal...odd guy though...NRA advocate...he was my diving officer during an AT at 5...has no idea what diving is but can give you the muzzle velocity of a M1 in 2 sec.

5 January 2001, 03:54
Yup, that's him. Any idea when he went thru BUD/S?

5 January 2001, 14:15
He graduated around Christmas in 1981. Let me dig around a bit more.....