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15 January 2001, 21:06
Mike Kennedy, 28, claims to be a former member of ST1. Said he hung his Trident up.
My eyes rolled to the back of my head.
Met him on NAS P-cola. Said he was going through some "A" school for combat photo.

Thank You Sir.

17 January 2001, 10:03
PH2 (formerly HM3) Michael Daniel Kennedy did graduate from BUD/S, earned his Trident, then subsequently had it removed for various reasons, first for two years, with a tour in the fleet, then again (permanently) after repeated problems. Normally guys don't get that many chances to straighten out, so he should feel lucky.

If he doesn't agree with this, send him my way at n132d7b@bupers.navy.mil or (703) 695-3914. I typed up the paperwork yanking his pin the second time!

17 January 2001, 18:59
Can these problems be told to us trident86?

Jeff Rambo
17 January 2001, 19:20
In order to respect PH2 Kennedy's privacy, I don't think those "problems" should be disclosed in a public forum.

Jeff A. Rambo
Disrespect cannot be commanded, it must be earned.

Tom Hunter
17 January 2001, 19:52

17 January 2001, 21:38
I will wish him nothing but the best.

Thank you for the info Sir.


17 January 2001, 23:12
My intent was just to let you know more or less who you were dealing with. Most of the time we don't hear or care about the details in cases like this. The commanding officer of a respective Team signs off on paperwork awarding or revoking an NEC (Naval Enlisted Classification), such as the SEAL NEC, and we approve or disapprove accordingly.
Something happened with this guy, he was given a second chance, then shot down again.
In his favor, he: 1) did not lose any rank
2) was not discharged
3) was not sent to the fleet

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18 January 2001, 22:57
I understand Sir...we met on equal terms(having a few cold beers) Mike had nothing but the best to say about the ST's. He seems to be moving on. I think he will do great at what ever he does later on in the NAVY.

Thanks Again Sir,