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18 January 2001, 21:13
Isaac Asamanoff not too sure of the spelling, I think his name means "beer-maker". Enlisted man who should've graduated from BUD/S recently. He supposedly just recently completed some jungle warfare training. I believe that he's supposed to be one of the youngest SEALs ever and was supposedly on TV before.

19 January 2001, 00:34
Sorry Sun, I'm not too sure about the spelling, but I'm pretty sure it ends with "off" not "ov".

19 January 2001, 11:07
Originally posted by Seoultrain34:
I think his name means "beer-maker".

Now THAT'S a cool name......what's the name that means "beer-guzzler"?

19 January 2001, 20:09
Isaac Asimov was a famous physicist/scifi writer...Since it is not a common name, I think someone is pulling your chain.

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