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22 October 2001, 15:48
I have a question that someone out there I hope can help with. I have a Linux(first problem I know) based server, which was hacked into by xxxarabic.com. At the end of each month the server would spam out thousands of e-mails with an ip mask. I have heard of the placement of message text behind JPG images as a discreet and secure way way for cells to communicate, and have advised FBI and RCMP, however had no interest and no response(obviously they are a little pre occupied). I had an opportunity to spider the site, and came away with about 700 e-mail addresses with arabic sounding names, and all hotmail, yahoo or maktoob addresses(virtually untraceable). I was hoping that I may find someone in this forum who could give me a little direction as to what I could or should do(other than send out nasty e-mails to these addresses, cause I am already doing that). I look forward to hearing some of your ideas.

22 October 2001, 17:33
Try to contact the FBI agian. But don't mention the porn thing. You may also want to try one of those wetip sites.

Give them all of the addresses. They probably are already aware of it thanks to you but you may want to make sure.

It is not a very secure means of communication from cell to cell but it is good for guys on the move and PGP is not installed in Internet Cafes.

Good luck.

22 October 2001, 17:35
One more thing.

If you have any Arbic Porn please feel free to send them to me for further review.

I may need to study it for clues.....

22 October 2001, 17:40
Originally posted by lavbo0321:
You may also want to try one of those wetip sites.

er, uh, wouldn't that be wet tip site?

22 October 2001, 17:40
And this had everything to do with Naval Special Warfare.

22 October 2001, 18:21
Thanks for the tips, especially you Tukka, what insight you have, don't miss much do you.

Jeff Rambo
22 October 2001, 19:23
In the future, I wouldn't be as sarcastic with Tukka as you were. His point was made a lot more peacefully than I would have made it as I would of deleted this post along with your username.

Next time, post this in SITENET, which is where it is going now.