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28 February 2002, 16:51
I would like some suggestions of brands cases to look at for securely carrying my AR...I would like to be able to "lock" the case with locks...I looked at Pelican but they cost an arm and leg...
Any thoughts...or your solutions to traveling with a Rifle...
Thanks in advance,

28 February 2002, 17:24
check out the selection at www.galls.com
not sure if anything there suits you, but it's worth a look..

28 February 2002, 18:18
Watsy, Those lockable cases only keep out little kids and your friends. If you want a case for taking your AR to Highpower shoots, then invest in a good cordora soft case. Make sure the zipper and carrying handle are on the same side.
I've seen a $2000 highpower rifle drop on the ground because the zipper was on the bottom and could not withstand the weight.

I use a "Bagmaster" , but there are some others out there like "Kings" etc. Maybe one of our Gear Guru's has some!

The other reason for the soft case is the ease of carry from one yard line to the next. Most of the soft cases have shoulder straps also.

Then again! If you are thinking of flying with it , then a hard case is a must!

28 February 2002, 19:25
Thanks guys,

USMCSniperone...I was concerned about locking it in the car trunk in a soft case...I guess I can just get a BIG chain and lock it to
the car frame...For when I have to use the head on long rides to

The Pelican case from Galls is the model, I was looking at it's the price that kills me...

The soft case I have I love but it was just the car issue...



28 February 2002, 19:42
Originally posted by Watsy
Thanks guys,

The Pelican case from Galls is the model, I was looking at. It's the price that kills me...

The soft case I have I love but it was just the car issue...



Just think how much it would cost to replace your rifle if it were stolen. I bit the bullet a few years ago on that case. It's worth it. I had sticker shock for a while but, in the long run you'll need it. When flying, you definitly need it. It fits my rifle and shotgun (both broken down) and would be a MF'er to to carry away unnoticed.

28 February 2002, 19:56
I am torn...sticker shock too...and what if someone steals my AR,
and extra HB Top end??? Being in LE, I will have EGG all over my
face...I should and do know better...I am just being cheap...

The issue is I love my AR and I want to shoot my AR...!!! not a replacement AR for my stolen AR...

(Being pulled in every direction...)

Thanks Guys...


28 February 2002, 20:34
Here are some more reasonable......http://www.clever.net/wwwmall/skb/gun.htm

28 February 2002, 20:42
Thanks...finally a reasonable price...


28 February 2002, 20:45
Here are a bunch more....
http://aolsearch.aol.com/dirsearch.adp?query=Aluminum%20Gun%20case ;)

28 February 2002, 21:12
Have you thought about Comprehensive insurance fot your auto?

28 February 2002, 22:31

Give me an email with the model of Pelican case you want and the lowest price you have found and I'll beat it for you. If you still want a Pelican and have not bought one of those others yet!


1 March 2002, 06:56
Roger that...

1 March 2002, 08:57
There we go!...... I love this board...

1 March 2002, 15:32
Look at doskocill. Great case and it is tough. Built alot like the pelican. Mine cost about $99. The pelicans I've seen aren't any sturdier. Its got two places to atttach padlocks. I love mine and it keeps my rifle safe and sound.