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8 March 2002, 10:54
Ok, Iím hopping someone here can answer this for me.

When 3 PPCLI deployed to Afghanistan did they have a full battalion? As far as I know none of the battalions in any of the Regiments are ever kept up to strength, so when they deployed, did troops from the 2 other battalions reinforce them? Did they have militia augmentees (hey you never know)?


8 March 2002, 12:55
Not aware of any mo with them. Begs the question: If this thing isn't over in 6 mos (like a roto), what then?

8 March 2002, 14:36
I believe they raped 2PPCLI for personnel. They went over with a full battalion, or at least close to it. 150 from 2PPCLI just left to go over. Reservists were specifically ordered not to call 3PPCLI directly and ask to go (I'm not kidding, it was posted in our orders!)

There was an article by a retired officer posted on LFRR about that - there just aren't any troops left, so this guy said the only 2 options were to withdraw from Bosnia or mobilize the Militia. I think Afghanistan is to hot for the Mo. Who knows.
As of this October western canada will be pretty empty of soldiers....

8 March 2002, 16:49
I have heard from a reliable source that 3 RCR is next in June.

8 March 2002, 21:10
Hmmmm.....LFWA can't do anything at all for the next while. 3VP is in Afghanistan with support from 2VP. 1VP is the next roto. 2VP after that. 1RCR hasn't done anything since Kosovo, 2RCR been quiet since Eritrea..perhaps they could go[1/2 R22R?]. The only reason I could see 3RCR being sent to Afghanistan is if it is deemed necessary to send in a Light Battalion.
How is Afghanistan too hot for the 'mo? Unless my info is way off, they're not doing too much[excluding jedi, and snipers], because the Yanks think we're a joke in our temperate cadpat, and our own government thinks we're FUCKING BOYSCOUTS...Sincerely, I think they should ask the 'mo for volunteers... "too hot for the 'mo" christ i hate our government.

Sorry for the Rant. I'm bitter; cause the 'mo is fucked up. Did I mention I'm bitter?

My 2 cents

9 March 2002, 18:47
They're already taking names for ROTO 12 here.