View Full Version : Aussie Phoney Checks?

9 March 2002, 00:32
Do we have any facilities in Australia to check out any phoneys that are floating around the place.
There is a person in Brisbane claiming to be a Viet Nam Veteran and claims to be an Ex Sgt with the 5 RAR during 1965-68. Also claims to have been in Borneo and Malaysia.
Anyone with any info on contacts for phoney checks would be appreciated.

9 March 2002, 11:03
Give 5/7 RAR a call and see if they will confirm/deny his existence on their records.

9 March 2002, 20:59
Thanks XS2, I'll do that. I was looking around the library for the 5RAR Tour books to see if he was listed in any of those for the relevant period. I'll try your suggestion and see how I go with it.