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10 December 2003, 23:09
If any of you know the mysterious Task Force Taulbee, I saw him today alive and well in my hooch at Quantico.
He's been on WorldTour/Walkabout since his retirement in 94. He advised me very sincerely and tearfully to "never never retire" - and asked me to pass on his greetings to all the guys.

11 December 2003, 12:59

Man this has been passed around via e-mail....



12 December 2003, 22:48
One of the guys from TECOM called over and gave us the heads up that he was inbound - you could've heard a pin drop in our office.
Kind of like a Yeti sighting or something. LtCol Crowe (3rd Bn, 1st Force) drove him over. After about 10 min, TTT just said "I'm moving on guys" and walked out with his ruck on.

13 December 2003, 01:40
I bet you could have heard a pip drop. LOL


7 January 2004, 15:46
Man I remember the first time that I met Task Force. It must have been 1995 and I was a Cpl and new to the teams and we were returning to the Company from an MFF jump. I was alseep in the van driving into the compound when Fuzzy, G man and C.J. say "holy shit there's Taulbee!..." Now you have to understand as a Ripper I had heard story after story about this guy, so I thought it was urban legend. So when I heard the fellas I was like "no f@#$(^% way!". So anyway right in the middle of the debrief and no shit the door swings open and the room goes silent and all that is heard is "err Marines err". What a friggin trip! Last time I saw him was in 2000 up at Camp H.M. Smith in the American Eatery...
Speaking of urban legend, any one see Ritchie around?


22 January 2004, 10:45
How many Taulbees can there be in the world? In the Corps? In recon? This MUST be the same guy.

There was a Sgt. Taulbee who was my very first Plt Sgt. when I got to 3rd Racoon Bn in 1981. He basically picked up an entire platoon of newbies, recently graduated from RIP school.

I could give you guys a ton of stories but this is one I remember and it was during a company formation one morning.

The 1st Sgt. (not a recon dude or even infantry -- but an air winger -- GAD!) is telling everyone about the working party assignments. He tells Sgt. Taulbee (see? I'm incapable of repeating his name without the deference to his rank -- and I'm a friggin civilian:D ) that he needs ¨X¨ amount of Marines for some detail. Sgt. Taulbee tells him that he has us already planned for field training (which actually wasn't entirely true). The 1st Sgt. tells him that ¨no, this detail has priority¨. Sgt. Taulbee and the 1st Sgt ¨disagree¨ rather openly in front of all of the platoons (remember that I am a Marine with only about 8 months of time in, so Sgt. Taulbee telling the 1st Sgt in public that he is mistaken has now elevated him to GOD status).

The first Shirt gets a severe case of the ass and demands that the detail be serviced. Taulbee's answer is a very pissed-off and somewhat sarcastic "Fine!".

Sgt. Taulbee pulls the entire platoon over to work the detail and then took us all out on a couple of hours run since we had ¨slacked off¨ the entire morning.

He was only with us for about 6 months, but it was a pretty cool way to start off my time in the Corps.

22 January 2004, 11:08
Is Task Force T the Marine that lived out of a connex box at 1st Force in the early 90's?

23 January 2004, 07:21
Originally posted by TM Reich
Is Task Force T the Marine that lived out of a connex box at 1st Force in the early 90's?

LMAO, fuckin jarheads.

23 January 2004, 10:53
Originally posted by TM Reich
Is Task Force T the Marine that lived out of a connex box at 1st Force in the early 90's?

While I can't comment on the 1st Force thing, I can say that Sgt. Taulbee made a tremendous impression on another Marine in our platoon, who's last name was Obermeyer.

Obi did not own a wallet. It was a ziplock baggie, rigger-taped for added strength and dummy-corded (of course). He had no civilian clothes (that I knew of), other than a couple of pair of blue-jeans and a couple of Ts and a long-sleeve flannel shirt (oh, and the obligatory neon hawaiian shirt). Obi was the one who I posted earlier that confronted John Mellencamp in a bar in Myrtle Beach about the song ¨Pink Houses¨(asking if it was commie-based).

Obi was also one of the hardest and most technically proficient Marines that I knew. He lived and breathed recon and thought that all else was unimportant.

As most guys found in my time (before this new ruling of allowing SSGTs to be team leaders), there was only so long that you could stay in recon (without becoming ¨well-rounded¨ with a B billet -- and therefore a ¨better¨ Marine:rolleyes: ), so instead of accept the idiocy of the Corps' rules, he got out and became a SEAL. I heard he later was medically discharged after a unsuccessful low hook-turn.

Someone told me that when Sgt. Taulbee went to California, he became hooked on surfing. True?

14 March 2004, 02:27
TFT lived out of the dive locker - he never lived out of a conex box as long as I was there. Not that it matters - Taulbee could out-survive me in most situations right now!


15 March 2004, 20:13
Anyone know if Taulbee still has his Okinawan Scow tied up at Naha? Never forget time when he decided to cruise to Taiwan during a typhoon.

20 March 2004, 20:53
Well, since no one can answer that question, how about the story of Taulbee's house? Supposed to be somewhere past Camp Hansen. Anyone ever actually seen it?

29 March 2004, 02:17
I can't say for sure but as I recall his boat sank and he was rescued at sea just before it went down. I don't know any details but I do remember hearing that.

29 March 2004, 20:51
Now that sounds like Taulbee. Saw him with some pictures of some of the babes he used to hang out with down in Naha...Drop dead gorgeous, but then again those Oki & Japanese babes always did have a strange taste in Men, No, it couldn't have been us with our animalistic ways. Naaah!

27 May 2005, 13:16

Any other sightings of Task Force T?

Global Med
27 May 2005, 15:00

Task Force T, that name brings a smile to my face.

To add to the Taiwan story he sailed his boat from Oki to there. But the thing is he did it without any port of entry permission so as soon as he landed he was arrested and the debriefing began. After a few days of this they decide he is not a threat to the country. They take him directly to his boat and send him back on his way without any Libo there, so the only thing he saw was inside a jail cell.

Fast forward now to the Gulf War and we are at First Force. My platoon was forward on the Saudi – Kuwaiti boarder teaching classes to the Saudis during the day and doing our real job at night. On the boarder there is a pier with the Saudi UDT stationed on it. Task Force orders via air freight a brand new kayak and spray paints it desert sand color. One night our Platoon Commander gets a call to come pick him up at the pier. Come to find out Task Force all most got his ass lit up. He decided to see if he could infiltrate the Saudis on the pier by paddling in from 2 clicks away along the surf zone. When he came into to our barracks that night he was already planning his next trip and to correct his mistakes for getting busted.

One great thing he did was during the same time period he developed some camel feet imprints for our boots to wear during foot movements into Kuwait. There is no doubt he is a forward thinker, just too forward for some, LOL. Damn TFT, LOL.

Yes he lived out of the boat locker and his car. He kept all of his civvies hung up in the back of it and well before GPS was readily available to the civilian world he had one set up in his ride.

28 May 2005, 03:22
Hey JPT,
Was that MFF jump in K-bay in Hawaii? I was there also. I saw a guy walking with a ruck and his hat on entering the compound. Me and CJ asked eachother, " Is that TFT?" Sure as shit it was him and the comment was made, Brake glass in case of war only..Good shit. Pep if this is you pm me.

31 May 2005, 12:35
Shu Dog (if this is you),

Yeah it is me. WTF is going on? I haven't heard from your ass in a while.... Do you remember the night at my old condo in Kailua when you were on the couch with that thing and Andre Bo was doing the hedgehog? I have been talking to BIG, Monty G, CJ and some of the other brothers every few months. Tracy was in town a few weeks ago, married with a new son... He's doing the PJ thing but he told me that he is thinking of crossing back over. I hope you and your family are doing well. If you still have my numbers give me a call and let's catch up. God forgives, the brotherhood doesn't.


10 February 2007, 23:48
Sgt. Taulbee sounds like an interesting Marine. Thought I would bump this since the thread since it is so old and maybe there are more stories to offer.

11 February 2007, 10:59
Tried searching but could not find anything.
I respectfully ask for more info.
This man sounds very interesting.
Thank you

11 February 2007, 11:16
HAHAHAHHA I can only imagine his commentary if he read this thread....

Global Med
11 February 2007, 12:07
Last sighting from me for TFT was March, 2006 in NC during Bob J’s retirement ceremony. Unfortunately I did not get to talk to him since he was only on station for about ten minutes. The one person I did run into, and had not seen in 20 years, was Macavoy who soon retired after that. Good times.

11 February 2007, 20:05
....The one person I did run into, and had not seen in 20 years, was Macavoy who soon retired after that. Good times.Fuck. I know that name -- I think. Units and dates?

11 February 2007, 21:26
I wish there was a pic of TFT because I dont recall ever runnin into him although the name sounds familiar. I remember TF Ritchie and have heard that hes in jail for murder which does not surprise me. He was an animal in the purest form. I witnessed his debauchery and animal strength at the Maui Marathon.

12 February 2007, 00:33
I had heard all the stories in RIP. While at BRC in 00' we were awaiting the Helo's for Helo Cast Ops at the baseball field. Here comes this guy on a mountain bike with all kinds of shit hanging off it, he is in black biker tites and has some kind of GPS system mounted on his handlebars. He stops right there where we are kitted up. We were all wondering outloud, who the fuck is this guy in civilian clothes riding up here and then someone said, "Dude that's TFT". He talked with everyone for a while and then said "gotta get moving, Marines" and was gone. The legend was confirmed! I will let the person speak for himself but a buddy of mine who was with 1st FR in Somalia said he showed up there on one of their Ops. Pretty crazy shit! Someone seriously needs to make a movie about this guy!

12 February 2007, 00:48
I could give you guys a ton of stories
When you find the time, have at it. Please.

12 February 2007, 09:36
When you find the time, have at it. Please.The truth is, if you weren't part of the community, then you probably wouldn't understand most of the stories. Its not an elitist thing, just a base-line familiarization of terms and etc....

Global Med
12 February 2007, 10:16

I had the pleasure of performing many 12 count body builders for Macavoy when he was a dive school instructor at Coronado Island in the early to mid 80s. He spent most of his career in the community and the last of it on the East coast and just retired as SgtMaj; Good man.