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20 February 2004, 12:41
Need to know if anyone has any ifno about this, please write and let me know, thanks. Great story!

Note written by Joe Salome:
I received a phone call from an Army helicopter pilot who was shot down Dec 31, 1971 and rescued that same day by air force and army; the rescue was filmed and I had a copy on 16 mm film which my son Joe has made copies on DVD. There are pararescue on board that mission, my husband, Chuck Salome and I cannot identify the others, possibly two. The maroon berets are rolled up and tucked into a pocket on the lower right leg. There were casualties on that mission, and I have the citation and newspaper article that describes the rescue. The film was copy that we never viewed, my husband did not talk about it and when questioned simply said he was the gunner during the rescue and then started an IV and medical protocol was followed. The first pilot rescued is Lt. Col. Hugh Mills who is writing a book. He saw the film at the Pentagon many years ago and was looking for what he termed,"The Holy Grail."; a copy which I was more than happy to provide. I also feel it pertinent to provide it to the PJ Association as the mystery PJ's who were on that mission may want copies as well. It is also a piece of History involving the greatest group of men who ever flew, Pararescue, Jolly Green. I plan on attending the reunion in Ft. Walton Beach next Sept. and I look forward to hearing from you, especially if the names of the PJ's are discovered. There should be a record, I'm confident that you guys will figure it all out. Until then, we fondly mark 5 years that Chuck Salome has been gone, his son Joe, just graduated from college. We miss him dearly and deeply thank the Pararescue Association for helping us keep his memory alive. For the many that knew Chuck Salome, you can appreciate his incredible sense of humor. He is probably getting a chuckle out of this lost CBS news footage that has now mysteriously surfaced. The best part is; he is only 25 years old and handsome as ever.I will send you a copy of the DVD. I look forward to hearing from you. sincerely, Jan Salome, ps;this is my son's email address,you can contact me here.

Joe Salome