View Full Version : Mid-back pain from swimming? Any ideas?

6 May 2004, 13:48
Several weeks ago I increased my swim workouts from about 1500 yds a workout, to about 3000 yards. I would swim a 200 warmup or so, a few 100 sprints, a 500, and then a cool down, but then I increased it to a 1500 in between my warm up and cool down. After about 2 weeks I started to notice some pretty severe mid-back pain a few hours after my workout. Whenever I would twist my body, or reach across my body, I had some pain in between the shoulder blade area. I have made some trips to a chiropractor and orthopedic, but they haven't really been much help. They say I'm healthy as an ox, but that doesn't do much for my back pain. The orthopedic told me that it is possibly a muscle problem from overtraining, but he isn't sure. I was just wondering if anyone here has experienced something like this, or known someone who has???

6 May 2004, 17:07
How long have you been doing the 3000 yard workouts? What is your head position relative to your body? How much are you turning your head to breathe? What stroke/s are you doing?

6 May 2004, 17:13
You need to do more situps, seriously. Also, streach out you hamstrings, most back pain can be attibuted to these two things.

6 May 2004, 17:28
I have been swimming freestyle, occasionally sidestroke, but mostly freestyle. I had been swimming about 3 to 4 days a week with 1500 yard workouts for about 6 or 7 months. About 2 weeks after I increased my workout is when I noticed the pain.
As far as head position, I try to keep it looking forward, keeping my forehead on the waterline. Since the pain is in the mid-back area, between the shoulder blades, I was thinking that maybe I wasn't rolling my hips enough when I would breathe. I try to keep my ear pinned to my shoulder and roll my body every 3rd stroke. Perhaps I was turning my shoulders with not enough hip and lower body roll??? As far as situps are concerned, I do quite a few different ab workouts, but wouldn't weak abs create low back pain and not mid to upper back?

6 May 2004, 18:17
Ear pinned to your shoulder? That does not sound right. When doing free, turn your head as little as possible to breathe.

6 May 2004, 19:59
I guess I didn't explain that too good... When I breathe, I try to roll my whole body. While stroking with the right hand, I start to roll my body so that I can look directly at the side of the pool as I breathe. I try to keep my ear pinned to my left shoulder/bicep area if I stroke with the right arm, or right shoulder with the left arm. I try to turn my head as little as possible, but sometimes I probably roate it a little as I get more fatigued.

6 May 2004, 22:30
I'm stumped. What is wrong with you?

Advil and stretch. If problem persists, go see a physical therapist.

6 May 2004, 23:04
LOL... you sound like my orthopedic. I'm going back to him on wednesday, if no luck there, I'll check out a PT.