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15 October 2004, 12:57
Good afternoon fellow SOCNET members!

My name is *CENSORED FOR PERSEC*. I'm a graduate of a top secret, color coded BUD/S class, and a personal friend of Dick Marcinko (pronounced marCHINKo). I'm a 25 time recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, although I can't show them to you. They're top secret.

When I'm not leading one man missions into France, I work as a top secret mall ninja. My personal hobbies include lying to vulnerable women online, and watching G.I. Jane over and over and over and ... you get the idea.

Glad to be here amongst professionals.

15 October 2004, 13:18
It’s a real honor to have a 25 time MOH guy here and someone that likes Dick.

15 October 2004, 13:18
Somebody go ahead and ban this retard! He's not worth replying.

15 October 2004, 13:24
I think I was in his class!

15 October 2004, 13:24
How come no one ever claims to be an aging, bald, National Guard NCO? Oh wait....

15 October 2004, 13:25
There was this one time, I was at the airport waiting to fly to a top secret war zone. You know, us top secret SEALs fly commercial to maintain our cover.

So I had to piss, went into the bathroom and there's this little kid talking to some fellow Navy member who couldn't make BUD/S, but had three purple hearts hanging off his jacket. Idiot asks the kid if he wants to wear a purple heart, kid says, "Sure mister!"

Kid eventually walks up to me, sees my tattoo (all us badass SEALs have tattoos, mine says, "Mother."). Anyway, so this kid asks me, "Are you a real Navy SEAL?" I looked down at him in digust and asked, "Why, you want to suck my dick?"

Kid says, "Oh no sir, I'm not really John Kerry. I'm just wearing his medal."

15 October 2004, 13:36
This guy's full of it.

How do I know....Well I'm at a Top Secret Location, and I don't see him anywhere.:rolleyes:

15 October 2004, 13:37
Good morning NSH,

The beauty of your posts are that most assuredly they are representations of how you are in real-life. As such, I find it hard to believe you would manage to talk a gal into opening her legs and risking you procreating your genes any further.

Wait, what is that I hear in the distance?

You didn't light a colored smoke producing object near your computer terminal, did you? Oh well, I guess our time will be short then.


15 October 2004, 13:38
C'mon, this guy is so over the top it HAS to be a joke.