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26 March 2005, 05:39
Saw this on another site. Very interesting...

From Small Wars Journal

Link to full article (http://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/issues/2005/apr/sb-marines_to.htm)

April 2005

Marines to Take Over Responsibilities For Training Foreign Forces

by Sandra I. Erwin

The Marine Corps will set up a specialized unit dedicated to training foreign troops. The unit—scheduled to begin operations on October 1—will be staffed by up to 400 Marines. It will supplement the training program that had been solely the responsibility of the U.S. Special Operations Command.....

26 March 2005, 07:09
we didnt do all that bad training police officers in iraq but thats a hell of alot different then gaining the trust and respect of an indiginous guerilla army and teaching them how to defend themselves, in there own language. in my opinion, we should leave the indepth training to the quiet professionals who have perfected there trade over the past and stick with kicking down the doors. besides-could you imagine a bunch of south americans running around the jungle with high and tights and perfectly pressed out cammies going drill instructer on one another-that would make for some funny after action reports. semper fi.

26 March 2005, 09:07
A long time ago, the USMC conducted FID with foreign armies and they have been trying for some time now to get the mission back (and the money that comes with it). With 2 nations that need assistance creating new Armies from the ground up and a growing GWOT balanced against Special Forces Groups trying to maintain Team rosters, the USMC may be the best bet at assisting with the FID mission and they are using this opportunity to push for it. The language barrier can be breahed with interpruters, afterall, most SF Teams are not speaking the language when their boots hit the ground. The trick will be getting the guys to understand the importance of cross-cultural communication and all that that implies.

26 March 2005, 14:26
On the bright side I know several officers and Marines who were tapped for this because of being naturalized citizens. They will be assigned to MEFs based on their family background so, when that MEF deploys a team to that country they and their team can be more effective. Unfortunately the guys I know are Russian, Phillapino, Thai and Vietnamese and may prove less than optimal in the GWOT.

27 March 2005, 01:15
I dont think that the USMC intends to take over the FID from Army SF. Bottom line is, with all of the real world operations the US is committed to, there arent enough green berets to go around.

The USMC has been doing FID etc for years, every MEU that went out prior to 9-11 did this in some form. I think that having dedicated units that are trained to do this is going to pay great dividends in the long run.

27 March 2005, 09:02
As others have stated, I think there is a need for it too. Will we get the most high speed, covert FID stuff? No way. Never. Thats what SF is for. But there is shortage in personnel training Iraqis to take the fight to the bad guys, that has been apearant since Phase 4 began.

Bottom line is that the Iraqi troops need training so we can start to down size our presence there. The brass doesn't care if they get it from an SF guy or a Marine, they get it, and they can put their check in the box and tell congress that so an so many troops have been trained.

27 March 2005, 19:03
This is intended to give SF some relief from FID commitments. The ETUs are specifically staying out of OIF/OEF. SOTG has been doing some FID missions, such as Mali and Chad, and there have been others, like GTEP, that were put together by Marines pulled from the line units. The problem with that 2nd option is that most units do not send their best and brightest when tapped to send people for a training team. The ETUs will help get away from that by making it a permanent unit that will be staffed by the monitors.