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14 July 2005, 04:24
Thursday July 14, 2005 4:52 AM

This was the scene at the entrance to Calverton National Cemetery where Lt. Murphy was laid to rest. There were 9 very large flags along with the members of local fire Dept, Police Depts on hand to honor him. It was an amazing site & one, that frankly had to bring tears to the eyes of all who saw it. I know it did, to me.

Here is the link to the newsday.com article. I won't post the funeral details as such, but rather share with you some impressions & thoughts I had. If you are a civilian and have never been to a fallen military member's funeral, I'd suggest you go, as it puts their sacrifices into a different, human perspective. I did not know Lt. Murphy, but felt called to attend both his wake and his funeral to honor him, to support his family & to support his Team mates.

His family celebrated his life at the wake with plenty of pictures of him as a child and as a man. His Hellweek sweatshirt was on display, along with a book of his training & deployment pictures. The shadowbox from the Hawaii memorial was presented to his parents Tuesday night by some of his Team mates at the beginning of the wake.

I was honored to meet both his family & fiancee. I'd like to note, there were other Navy & other services family members present both from the SO community & the military in general who just came to honor Lt. Murphy but who had never met him. I'd like to say those of us who went but didn't know Lt. Murphy found a bond with the hero being honored. One couldn't help but mourn his loss, but also celebrate his life after listening to his parents speak of him. It rained the morning of the funeral, I thought even heaven was crying for him. But to use another's voice... "he's happy now, he died doing what he loved". Those were the paraphrased words of his father, so brave, so stoic and so honest.

I was privileged to attend the wake with a family member (and Fellow SOCNET member) of another SEAL (LCDR Rock Blais) who died in 2001. She was incredibly brave even though I'm sure attending the wake had to be painful for her. She certainly was courageous to reach out to Lt. Murphy's family & fiancee and be there for them. I was humbled by her courage. She shared his story with me of how he lived his life, it is truly the story of another American hero.

The funeral & gravesite ceremony had one theme in common, that this was an uncommon man who always rose to the challenge & indeed sought out new ones. His memory will live on in the hearts and minds of his friends, family and Team mates & now even, a local & national community who have come to know him, by the incredible sharing of his life's story by those who loved him.

God Bless Lt. Murphy, Rest in Peace.


14 July 2005, 04:44
Are you talking about Chief Blais?? the guy who taught the combat Comms course way back when??

14 July 2005, 04:46
Are you talking about Chief Blais?? the guy who taught the combat Comms course way back when??

Edited for clarity LCDR Rock Blais

14 July 2005, 05:33
Thank you so much for that beautiful post, JANM.

RIP Lt. Murphy. My condolences to all of his friends and family.

14 July 2005, 06:34
Thanks for sharing this....I've heard some very moving stories over the last week about the services for these men.

14 July 2005, 08:09
Thank you for the post JustANavyMom. Heartwrenching, as I'm certain the ceremonies for the others are without a doubt. Some people I encounter seem to want to avoid the pain of these stories by ignoring them, and that is the real tragedy -- these men must be remembered, the lives they lived and the sacrifices they made celebrated. I shared this particular story with family and friends -- you helped the memory that is Lt. Murphy live on, thank you again.

RIP all.

14 July 2005, 08:46
Are you talking about Chief Blais?? the guy who taught the combat Comms course way back when??

Master Chief Tom Blais was Rock Blais' father.

14 July 2005, 18:09
I was honored to read Mike's eulogy. JustANavyMom's post was right on the money. I'm surprised she found the words to adequately describe it. I'm still enroute back home, so I'll post more on this later. Truely remarkable.

14 July 2005, 18:14
Trident, I've heard about your involvement in many ways throughout all this. All the memorial services, preparations, travel arrangements, and countless hours spent just keeping up with everything....in addition to the service of these men...thank you for what you've done with all this. I know you do it out of devotion to these men...but thanks all the same.