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29 July 2006, 21:40
Charles Lateulere, USN, EMCM

Chuck is my father-in-law. He did 29yrs in NAV (Hard Hat diver and 16+ in EOD [1953/4-1982]

Wanted to know if any of his old running mates are on the boards, thought he might enjoy the connectivity?

I think some of his old running mates included: Cunliff-Owen, N.Garren, T.McCarley, J.Gordon, V. Wisniewki, Pappy Kline, Charlie Wonduck?, Decker, Willy Higgle, Norm Case, Bill Elliott.
Thanks for the help

30 July 2006, 00:42
I'm not EOD, but I did work for Capt "Terrible Ted" McCarly for 3 years. Raise a beer with your father in law for me.


30 July 2006, 09:26
It would be great to hear from him. Most of us are on active duty, and were not in when your father-in-law would have been in, but it is great to hear about the old days.

Terrible Ted spoke at my graduation from Indian Head.

30 July 2006, 10:47
Sending him inbound

Ole crusty bastard
30 July 2006, 12:12
FnF209, I tried to send you a PM about "Frenchy" but I'm stretching my abilities just posting on this board. On the thread "I'm new on your board " I posted a picture of a "Frenchy". I was wondering if the picture and your Father in law are one in the same? The picture was taken at Qua Viet, a fairly short drive from Quang Tri where I was stationed as Arny EOD.

Ole crusty bastard
30 July 2006, 12:16
Addendum to my last post, I tried to change my user name and add a signature. Perhaps the Admin takes the weekends off...

30 July 2006, 20:06
Hey we all have IT issues at time, no matter the age.
Will check out photo-and let you know.
Think Chuck was CMC at StumpNeck/IndHd from 79-82 -- Has some pretty funny stories of the antics, students doing donuts on the golf course etc.....

Ole crusty bastard
30 July 2006, 21:47
Ask him about a "three man lift"" with hot sauce. If he remembers that. tell him that I have a bottle of same that's been fermenting for 35+ years with his name on it. Also you might ask about dropping scare charges in the Qua Viet Harbor with a couple of Army guys, he fell overboard (alcohol related) and we thought we had lost him, he returned 1/2 hour later sans one flipper.

31 July 2006, 00:17
The three man lift is still in full effect. That- and the atomic sit-up will get you in EOD shape in NOOOO time.

16 September 2008, 13:40
Also ask him if he ever worked with "Dominic F. Marasco" Also a hard hat diver and EOD from that timeframe. If so, I have a story. . .

Carl Spackler
16 September 2008, 15:44
Also ask him if he ever worked with "Dominic F. Marasco" Also a hard hat diver and EOD from that timeframe. If so, I have a story. . .

Did you know a Catallico from the HCU days?

12 October 2008, 20:26
My regrads to you and your father. I doubt any of those guys listed review SOCNET. Your father-in-law's friends' names are Charlie Wongdock, Norm Garon, Ronald Max Decker, Ted McCarley. I worked for all these guys at one time or another except LCDR Garon. Cunliffe-Owen (a master chief, didn't know his first name) died in a range accident after he retired. I think Bill Elliott has crossed the bar. I didn't know Wisniewski or Higgle.

12 October 2008, 22:35
Did you know a Catallico from the HCU days?


13 October 2008, 11:24
I knew LTJG Catallico (sp). He was an LDO and came to EODMU 1 in '77. He took out an EOD team on the USS Midway. I don't know what happened to him after 1980.