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Hard H2O
31 October 2006, 15:47
Glenn Miller (http://www.whty.org/)

Retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant. 20 years active duty, with 2 tours in Vietnam and 13 years in the elite Green Beret paratroops. 3 and 1/2 years college - Johnston Tech College, Smithfield, NC. Married w/5 children. 32 years actively working for rights of White people.

31 October 2006, 17:02
Wow, that is one unhappy little man...

31 October 2006, 17:19
Did he really serve in SF? I have no idea.

Is he a for real racist jackass coward? Yup.

The MIPT terrorism knowledge base, a generally reliable source, has this bubba down in their list of domestic racist terror group leaders. He got busted in the 80's for running paramilitary camps, possession of explosives, and conspiring to kill civil rights workers defending Vietnamese shrimpers in Louisiana. When faced with serious jail time, he turned on his former comrades and testified against 13 other white supremacists.


According to a paper written by a Navy LCDR in 1996, a Sgt. Miller was discharged in 1979 for distributing racist literature.


However, a google search for any record of a Glenn Miller serving in SF shows that a Sgt. Glenn Miller was reported MIA on May 9, 1968 and is presumed dead.

9 October 2007, 14:16
An update on this guy:


Here he says his name is Frazier Miller.

Still can't tell if he was an SFer.

9 October 2007, 14:38
More info here


9 October 2007, 16:48
Both threads closed- the other by request....this one for it's redundancy.