View Full Version : SFARTC ???

26 November 2006, 00:13
Asked on the Marine board and was ripped -

They are jerks.

I am a ARMY ROTC right now and want to learn about some school a guy at the local gun show was talking baout today -

SFARTC ?? (sp)

Can anyone tell me what it is and what you do there.
Guy made it sound cool.


26 November 2006, 00:25
Yeah, we're "jerks".

But with this above statement, you're an assclown who is soon to be leaving the site.

Bye, fuckhead....

26 November 2006, 02:12
OK, I may have underestimated your strong desire to expand your knowledge on this subject. I do hope you understand tht you need to be vetted before you can be informed of such knowledge. Please PM and send you name and what university you are currently enrolled in for ROTC.