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7 September 2007, 15:07
Greetings all,

I have been given the task to research new training for our executive protection/security driver detail for my company. I am looking into:

Bob Bondurant--- anti-kidnapping/executive protection
BSR--- anti-kidnapping/executive protection
VPI International

We are already EPI graduates. What does everyone think of the above stated schools/programs? And if you have any other suggestions that would be great.


7 September 2007, 15:09
I attended both back in the early 80's; Great schools. From what I've heard they've grown/advanced tremendously since then. Can't offer more than that.

7 September 2007, 16:49
I was just out at Olive, check there they have great instructors an facility. They will customize to your needs.

7 September 2007, 17:42
Depends on who you get at AG. (As of April 2007)

BSR has always been good.

As for the other 2 I don't know.


7 September 2007, 20:21
Are you looking for driving focused or EP focused training with driving included?

Both Bondurant and BSR are driving focused. I'd pick BSR over the other for driving.

Adding executive protection or anti kidnapping to the course titles is nice but is not what they are really teaching.

If you are looking for EP training/refresher then you have a good number of crses to chose from.

7 September 2007, 23:02
VPI is owned & runned by Michael Vaden, who owns & runs Gryphon Group. Never been to VPI, but Gryphon is good quality instruction. For strictly EP, check out R.L. Oatman & Associates.


7 September 2007, 23:37
Bob Bondurant--- anti-kidnapping/executive protectionI've been here -- as stated above, not the best choice for a security-focused theme.ArmorgroupBeen out to their TX location since the day it opened -- however I have never attended a course there. I do have some friends who are/were instructors there. They look to provide equitable training compared to BSR in driving. Exceeds BSR in shooting. Probably smokes BSR in surveillance detection topics (they always have -- inlcuding back in the 90's).BSR--- anti-kidnapping/executive protectionI actually worked there some time ago. Hell, I was even the HMFIC once (security training). Competent and consistent training. Their best product is their driver training.VPI InternationalMore along the lines of a Scotti course than the previous mentioned options. This is not worse -- just different. There are some things that I do not like about this training. But it is not "bad" by any means. Hell, in some cases, it is arguably better.

Any of the driver training schools you mentioned above will give you good training. Some of it will be more relevant to security-focused personnel than that offered by their competitors. But since accident avoidance is one of the largest threats you face, all of them offer stuff you can use. Some of the options above are WAY higher in cost than others you have listed -- and this higher cost does NOT mean you get a better product. You need to look closely at what you want, what they are offering, and how much you can get for your dollar.

In regards to shooting and driving stuff -- I have always preferred to go to the companies that are specifically focused on their niches, vice a one-stop shop security training provider. But then I also believe that there are no all-encompassing training programs that can turn out a qualified security professional. So to ME, its all about the experience you can obtain while working, in conjunction with the formal training you receive -- and how you fold that together to perform your job.

Call the schools directly, and if you can get seats (not all offer open enrollment to civvies -- or if they do, may require that you pay for an entire class just for your group), ask for specifics on what will be covered and in what time-frame. Watch out for dead-time (when students are not actively doing something (ie, waiting their turn to get behind the wheel) or too much classroom theory -- those are industry secrets to lowering overhead while increasing profit....

7 September 2007, 23:43
Who/what is VPI?

Stay safe.

8 September 2007, 00:15
Who/what is VPI?

Stay safe.Guy,

VPI is a sister company to the Gryphon Group.

LINK (http://www.vpi-international.com/who_is_vpi.htm)

12 September 2007, 12:01
I have been to all except Bondurant and agree with SOTB.

12 September 2007, 12:42
Thanks all for your replies!!!

12 September 2007, 16:39
Anyone know who trains the security details of Sears and Target Corporations?


15 September 2007, 00:15
I'm an Oatman & Assoc. grad. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you any info you need.

17 September 2007, 11:28
Iam a graduate of ESI(executive security international) and also a senior instructor with Armor Group ITI Texas. We have HIGHLY experienced instructors on our staff whether your focus is Firearms,Driving or Security Operations(TPA and SD). We dont have any "canned" courses per se but we will customize your training to fit your teams needs. You can train in one discipline or train in all 3 venues. We have 5,7 and 10 day courses.

Senior Instructor Firearms/H2H