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22 June 2008, 08:56
Hello All,

I'm in Iraq with 2nd LAR acting as a 0311 on the QRF. My actual mos is 5711, nbc, and I've always wanted to do recon to be a 0321. The monitors are here and I sat down with the MARSOC one who cut me orders for when I get back to MSOSG, the support group. Does anyone know how I can go about getting to be an operator once I check in. I know last March ('07) when I went to a MARSOC brief they were talking about standing up an ITC so any MOS can go through and be a operator, but I don't know where that stands today or what my options are once I get over there. The monitor didn't seem to know, but said at worst at my re-enlistment point in 2010, I could always request a latmove to 0321 and do it that way, which is what I intend if I can't get it any sooner. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

Semper Fi,

Cpl Miller

22 June 2008, 11:38
From what you wrote you are going to be cut orders to MarSoc under your primary MOS which is NBC. You will be filling a support billet and are not being being brought in to fill a operational billet. Once there you may have the opportunity to volunteer, get screened and pass selection to get in another slot but they will probably only release you to do that after someone else is identified to come in and fill your old billet.

You can't just "lat move" into 0321. You must be screened and meet all qualifications then make it through the pipeline. Since you were already told that MarSoc is cutting orders for you I doubt you can just change that on a whim.

If you wanted to get into a operational billet then I think you should have just volunteered for selection vice appearing to agree to come in and fill a support billet.

I think you should address questions specific to your case to the MarSoc people. They have an email and phone number on their website.