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29 December 2008, 19:05
I took this 2 day crs at APT Academy about 25 miles from Springfield Mo. Cost was $375, lodging was avalible but I live in Springfield. The training area included multiple ranges with steel targets, both static and moving. Included a jungle trail & shoot house. There were 6 students, 2 police, 3 civilians (one former 11B2V) and your sarcastic LRS Guy.

The course was primarily oriented to the AR-15/M-16/M-4 platform. As it was a continuation of the Basic Patrol Rifle/SLR we started with quick review of shooting postions and checking zeros, followed by mag changes/malfunction drills/one arm mag changes/ one arm malfunction drills. Brief class on what to if an attacker grabs your barrel from side or front.

Followed by shooting at multiple distances 100yds to 400 yds. Also covered shooting at angles ie downhill/uphill. Then a "run and gun" engaging multiple static targets while moving to cover and vairous postions. Of course it was raining off and on...mostly "on" the whole day. Also had a class on combat mindset, wound ballstics and indoor study/discussion of several gunfights. That pretty much finished day 1.

Day 2 started bright and cold with the jungle trail. Which was pretty good stuff! At the same time another instructor had us firing multiple distances from different postions. From there moved to the shoot house where we did the "Dog" drill, simulating a cop being attacked by four legged drug dealers assitiant, it was pretty good. Quick lunch followed by firing on the flat range at a moving target from 50-25 yds with rifle & transtioning to pistol. More close range drills to include lateral shots while moving.

Back to the flat range to finish up with more drills at 100 yds. Then back to the classroom for course critique.

Overall BJ and his staff at APT run a top notch course with a a great deal of info packed into small package. You will be tired and sore at the end of each but you will be a better shooter. Excellant facilites, instructors are very outgoing but not beating their chest. Its reasonably priced and I recommend it.

The website http://www.aptacademy.com/

Feel free to PM for more information