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13 February 2009, 17:07
Hello all,
Thanks for your advice on the kits for the car, it helped a lot. Is there a school or training provider out there that teaches emergency medicine for the executive protection setting? I am already basic first aid, CPR, AED....Whats next?


13 February 2009, 23:45
I would consider either an EMT-T (T is for Tactical), or your EMT-Basic.
Your Basic course is only 128 hours (by National Registry standards; most are 140+ hours) and you learn basic shock/trauma, some medication administration, oxygen, and stabilization.
The Tactical Medic is not endorsed by National Registry (so you may run into some trouble there).
You could also look into the Ship Captain's Medical Certificate which is underwritten by the International Maritime Organization and is recognized... well, internationally.

14 February 2009, 00:37
Learn how to treat low back pain and the common cold. That will be most of what you see.

14 February 2009, 09:43
OEMS or DMOC. F@cking awesome

14 February 2009, 12:04
Depending on your VIP,, and their pockitbook...

It's a team job,, Someone leads, someone is a shooter, someone is responsible for VIP & team egress, someone drives,, and someone medicates...

Not everyone has the same job.

If your want generic team wide education and can afford it, EMT level at a minimum, Ceritfication looks good on the resume..

But the real deal is an 18D or PA on the team..

My $00.0002


Moran 'doc'
20 February 2009, 16:53
We are teaching a class in April in Wilmington MA,

We love to reverse plan medical missions for what kills you and in what enviorment, and how to stop the bulla bulla after eating local in some 3rd world country. Doc Moran

22 February 2009, 02:09
All of it depends on where you want to work. If you are doing stateside protection gigs get your EMT-B and you'll be good to go. Once you have it try to pull down a Pre-Hospital Trauma Life support class and other types of bolt on education when you can. To get your EMT-B there are places that have two week courses, which aren't bad. Just look around and you can probably find something. If you are out west, UCLA - Daniel Freeman in Southern California offers one that is supposed to be decent. Good luck!

22 February 2009, 17:41
I see you are in the Dallas Area. Contact the Covenant Training Center, just outside of Waco. Google-fu will bring it right up. They have excellent training facilities, and Im sure that they have some form of Medic training...Im not sure, however, of what pre-req's they might require. POC: T. Buschino

OOC, out

Damien S.
7 March 2009, 11:06
If you can take off a month, Remote Medical has a package that provides good certs and a broad scope of training. http://www.remotemedical.com/Medical-Rescue-Supplies/Wilderness-EMT-WEMT

7 March 2009, 13:21
OEMS or DMOC. F@cking awesome

Yep. DMOC. Hands down. For the whole team.