View Full Version : Anyone heard of xxxxxxxx

4 March 2009, 19:20
Anyone hear of the school XXXXXXX? All i know about them is that they have an office in Sweden and cooperates width XXXXXXX in Singapore.

5 March 2009, 03:15
I edited out the name and URL.

I get suspicious when someone shows up out of the blue and asks "anyone ever heard of xxxxxxxxxx"?

It makes me think the person is trying a back door method of advertising and driving traffic to said URL.

I'm not saying this is you but it fits a pattern I've seen over the yrs.

If you seriously have interest in this company then post another post in this thread asking specific questions, ie.

"is the training offered by this company worthwhile"

"has anyone attended training here and if so what specific courses"

Stuff like that which elicits an answer that is focused on the actually inquiry vice just the companies name and URL.

If you are doing what I mentioned in the beginning of this post then don't do it again.


7 March 2009, 17:18
sorry. I just trying to find out if their training program is worth paying for and if they are as serious at their profile tends to. They have several recommendations by highly ranked people around the world but theres no way for me to confirm whether this is true or not. If all this is fake it would bee a shame for the industry and a great loss to everyone who attend to their program.

again sorry for the inconvenience, I'm both a rookie in the business and new at the forum.

guess a better question would be, would anyone recommend this school?