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23 March 2009, 07:52

Most of PSD work and contracts come through US companies, there are also a few British companies and very little from other countries.

I have seen that on most US company websites (90%) they ask for US passports.

The few that don't ask for this will obviously want someone who has trained with a US company so that they know to what standard the person has been taught.

Could anyone help me with some names of the best PSD training companies in the USA.

I have heard of Trojan securities, blackwater, HDSOC, any others you can recommend?

all the best


23 March 2009, 18:24
Just my opinion, but I'm not sure the chance of getting a job these days is significant enough to be worth the investment. Particularly for a citizen of a non-Coalition country.

24 March 2009, 00:24
International Training Group (http://executive-protection-training.com/Executive-Protection-Agents-Training-Course.aspx) They have a Protocol & Etiquette block:
Protocol and etiquette as it relates to and impacts personal protective operations, especially those conducted in a diplomatic environment discussed in depth.I've seen numerous folks relieved/fired because of their lack of understanding protocol and etiquette.

Stay safe.

24 March 2009, 03:59
Certain training regarding widely used TTP's is restricted. The training is covered by US law and training of foreign nationals in essence, amounts to export. This has to be authorized by various governmental agencies before it can be done.

There are several companies in Europe and Israel that provide high quality training, often resulting in SIA or other similar accreditation. One of those may be your best course of action in lieu of the restrictions mentioned above.

Lastly, I'm not sure that most PSD work comes through US companies. Many contracts for the US Department of State and DoD are awarded to US companies but this is more related to client requirements and the nature of the work / client. I'm sure that there are numerous opportunities throughout the world for EP / PSD work, just not with the US government footing the bill.

24 March 2009, 04:05
IMO the "who provides quality training" question has been beaten to death.

As noted, this site has discussed a number of good training providers and few not so good. The list of who is good is easy to find and if there are questions about specific providers, then ask away.

All of the "good" providers give almost the exact same instruction, just packaged differently.

Also a provider who is good today can be bad tomorrow if they have a large instructor turnover and/or get complacent.

Good luck

24 March 2009, 06:19

Thank you to all for the replies.
I shall keep in mind all the intel


30 April 2009, 13:48
any of these companys take the GI Bill as payment for a training course

30 April 2009, 13:55
ESI has a high risk course which takes GI bill