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24 March 2009, 13:18
Does anyone know if he is still around? I found a picture yesterday of him and I and Jimmie Barron on the doc at NSWU-1 in P.I.. They were pinning on my 2nd class crows. I was always told that he (Allaire) was one of the Dirty Thirty. I was told that his BUDS class knew that they were going to the fleet for a year upon graduation and went through anyway. Tough stuff. He seemed to be a good guy.

24 March 2009, 14:18
He is still around. PM sent.

24 March 2009, 14:25
JB is one of my hero's.

24 March 2009, 14:28
Thank you sir. I sent him an email. He was always a good mug. Brought back alot of memories of the unit.

15 April 2009, 13:32
I worked for Burt during his time in Nevada. He is a good man.

Wood Frog
28 April 2009, 21:36
Burt was my second platoon OIC at 2, good mug, good skier, good sense of humor and put up with a helluva lot of shenanigans from 6th Plt during our winter warfare workup and deployment and managed to get all of us home safely. That deployment was without a doubt, the funnest 6 months of my life. And to think we almost ended up on Patilla airfield that year with our bros from 4.

Freefalled into five different countries, spent almost a month in Bad Tolz with our green brothers, two months with the Norwegian Jaegers running the Jaeger bar when we were'nt in the field, very little time in Macrahanish (spellcheck?).

Tough to top memories like that.

Here's to you and the boys Burt. Bottoms up!