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26 May 2009, 10:37
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Im working a BD effort with my current paycheck provider and this company's name was dropped. I looked at their site, and the site looks pretty squared away.

I have narrowed my research to three companies (which have all been vetted), but want to get some more info before making contact with these folks.

Any BTDT's have any gouge on this place.

I used the search function and only came up with one hit.


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26 May 2009, 17:08
I went through TSI early 2006. The "Advanced High Risk Bodyguard" (PSD) course.

No bullshit training. All of the skills and drills were good for someone with ex-Mil / Police background and wanted to advance their basic skills into a more developed PSD "package".

For someone who has training and experience in PSD, I would say this course may be a refresher, but you would not necessarily learn anything new.

All the instructors were professional, friendly, knowledgable, and spent a hell of a lot of time watching you and extremly little time talking themselves up.

The "facility" was basic, consisting of a classroom, a couple of salvage yard cars, small three-direction range, and an abseiling tower, which we walked around only.

Any vehicle drills were done with student's vehicles, until my rental H3 got a few scratches on it, and then the head instructor / owner let us use his personal Durango.

The force-on-force training seemd to lack specific goals or training purposes in the scenarios, seeming to be more of "lets see if these guys can remember a couple of drills and think on their feet" type of scenarios. It took me quite a few months, if not longer, to work out why I wasn't overly happy with their FoF training.

I met a lot of good guys on the course, one of whom I have worked with since, and also met a few TSI "Alumni" in the contract world.

As I have told everyone else thinking of going to TSI, if you already have the basic PSD skills, I would recommend seeking out a school to advance a specific skill to a high level, such as shooting, medic, or driving rather than just "refreshing" current skills.

For someone with no PSD experience / training, I would recommend TSI.


27 May 2009, 07:10
Cool, cheers mate!

anybody else?

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2 June 2009, 21:43
I have sent 3 colleagues to Trojan after meeting the owner and looking at their course content.
1 had had no prior security experience and other 2 had very little.
They all learned a lot.
Like said above, a refresher for someone that has experience and prior security training.
Bang for the buck, very competitive, IMHO.

Stay safe


3 June 2009, 03:05
The cost was VERY good compared to other well-known companies. I think it worked out to a grand total of $120 per day?

12 June 2009, 12:20
Excellent...thanks for the gouge guys!

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