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11 June 2009, 11:37
I have a 80gb classic that developed a heck of an issue yesterday. I know some of you here are fans of these things and MAC users who might have more insight into my issue.

The Problem:
I typically use a Belkin stereo headphoe-to-headphone cable to plug into the aux port. Yesterday while playing it went from usual goodness to this horrible crackly,static covered craptastic noise. You can still hear the music, but it is over powered by the noise. It is not just in the headphone jack, it is also in the base jack. verified this with the wife's car adapter thingy.

I checked the apple webpage, and am beyond warranty. I am going to try to "Reboot" tonight on the home computer.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

DC Photog
11 June 2009, 12:56
I checked the apple webpage, and am beyond warranty. I am going to try to "Reboot" tonight on the home computer.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

When you say "reboot", I assume you mean reformat it and reload all the data correct? That's the first solid step. You said it is out of warranty, is it already passed the window to buy Apple Care? Sometimes you can buy the coverage retro. That's done easiest at an actual Apple Store.

Carl Spackler
11 June 2009, 13:02
Reboot the iPod (press middle and play button same time and hold until you see the apple logo on the iPod screen). Check your headphones. Those cables break easy. Use a different pair and see if yours is fooked. That is all.

11 June 2009, 13:03
It could be:

The jack on the player, the cable, or the jack on your computer.

Try a different cable first, if it still does it, try a different computer, still does it, its the player.

Also, are you SURE its in the AUX port and not a MIC port?

11 June 2009, 13:04
We just had a similar problem with my husband's iPod video. While it appeared to work (turned on, lit up, menu accessible etc), no sound came out at all no matter the type of hook-up (headphones, car aux attachment, base unit/speakers etc). Like yours it was also out of warranty. A guy at the local Apple store recommended we try iResQ (http://www.iresq.com/) and we did. Quick turn around - I received a callback the afternoon after the day I shipped the iPod to them. Turned out to be the video card ($75) and we also had them replace the battery while they had it. Another full day and it was back home and working just as fine as the day it was first purchased.

I'll admit to being hesitant to send it off to iResQ at first, especially after searching their name on the net as I found almost as many disgruntled users as satisfied users however in our case it all worked out and we came out ahead spending less than if we started over with a new iPod.

11 June 2009, 13:54
Thanks All for the Input.

I tried two diffetent cables, stereo headphone jack on each end. No Joy
Tried wife's tune dock Fm modulator thing that uses the 10 pin(?) on the bottom. No Joy

Today upon advise tried resetting by cycling the HOLD buttton and Menu+Center until it reset. Sound got worse.

Now trying to "Reformat" to factory settings with work computer to latest software. If this resolves it I will do again at home to reload all music and report back.

If this fails as well, I will look into Apple after care(?) and iResQ to see what options are there.

11 June 2009, 14:51
Well the reformat to factory settings did not get it.

Guy on the 800# for iResQ stated most likely the logic board. Including shipping should be $75 or less.

Thanks for the help, OtherHalf thanks for the heads up on them. Hopefully I won't be a member of the Pissed Off crowd.

B 2/75
11 June 2009, 15:13
What does the iPod sound like if you try listening with regular Apple earbuds?

That will narrow it down pretty quickly....

11 June 2009, 15:22
B 2/75.... in a phrase? Like Ass... I am now trying to google-fu and see if there is a self repair method for the "logic board". I am willing to bet it is possible, just not sure if risk to crack it open is worth it.

Jim Kirk
18 June 2009, 08:23
DD, I see you're up in the Woodlands. You might get online to the Houston Chron's Science & Tech area http://www.chron.com/news/science/. They've got some good people writing for them and you might be able to get some ideas or even suggestions for repair people in your AO.

Good Luck!

18 June 2009, 08:35
Trash it and get an MP3. Ipod is the devil.