View Full Version : San Francisco - Specialist Surveillance Detection Training

3 November 2009, 15:59

Utilizing our own unique methodology for SD, we are setting the benchmark globally for effective Surveillance Detection.

With threats forever expanding and diversifying, this is a valuable addition to any protection specialists professional toolbox.

Below is a brief outline of our 08 - 12 December open registration course.

This program teaches the protection professional how to conduct surveillance, how to identify and defend against hostile surveillance and how to integrate these skills with covert protection skills to add protective field intelligence to an already existing skill set.

Conducted in San Francisco, our course has been designed to help mitigate risks posed by modern day threats and is instructed by internationally recognized Security and Intelligence, Low Profile Close Protection and Surveillance Detection experts.

Our program is tailored to enable protection specialists with the skills of surveillance and surveillance detection. Designed for both management and field personnel this program includes a strong emphasis on covert field methodology.

Our approach is broad covering many areas not traditionally covered, but that through our experience covering these areas proves to be a valuable part in the overall understanding of the field craft.

It is our philosophy that in order to defend against a sophisticated enemy, one must fully appreciate and understand how the enemy thinks, operates and collects information. It is with this in mind that we put the students in the enemy’s shoes allowing them to feel and think as a hostile surveillant would.

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