View Full Version : RFI Templar Titan

19 January 2010, 14:21
Anyone have any experience/knowledge of this company ?

Thanks in advance


19 January 2010, 19:37
I worked for them for a while in Mexico. Was a good gig, but you have to know your worth and not owball yourself when negotiating salary, keeping in mind you will bepaid with a 1099, so figure taxes in there, all of a sudden 250-300 a day doesn't look like so much. Lew is a good guy at heart, but he does get carried away at times, but who doesn't. I have had my odds with Lew here and there, but would work for him again. BUT would have to name my own terms, ie, so much for a 10 hour day (inconus) plus overtime for anything over that based on the breakdown or an 8 hour day etc, you get my drift.