View Full Version : What TEMS training entities have a good rep?

26 March 2010, 02:56
I have the option to go through a local agency's TEMS course in May or Sep, depending on schedule and financing, but I wanted to get a feel from veteran TEMS medics or operators familiar with the system as to what training agencies are more reputable and respected for medic slots with TC or similar. Any recommendations?

26 March 2010, 06:48
For medic slots with TC or similar your background is more important, however most companies are hurting bad for medics so if you have anywhere close to the requirements you stand a very good chance of getting hired.

27 March 2010, 03:10
zero military medical (baseline 19D, didn't get trained beyond the OSUT stuff), and the TEMS training I am going through is geared more for SWAT support than mil-spec, but I was a SAR medic in WA and have a pretty decent executive protection/domestic close protection background for a non-military medic (though kid-stuff compared to most here). What else should I focus on before throwing my hat in the ring? Got a wife and a baby daughter due any day now who's futures are riding on this, so it's damned important that I make myself as competitive as possible in a relatively short time. Since I don't hold EMT-I yet, that limits me to site medic work, but it's better pay than anything I can find locally. Suggestions?

27 March 2010, 04:05
It all depends on what kind of site medic work people are looking for. If they are looking for someone to be the only medic on site, they are going to look for someone who has sick call experience. So from my experience you would have an even harder time trying to get a job as a site medic because you need a whole lot more experience than an EMT-I. The best thing you can do is get your EMT-I or P. With your background you would have a good chance of getting picked up as a PSD Medic.