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25 September 2010, 11:55
I wanted to start martial arts training again (before I get too old).

Bay Area Fire Arms claims have a navy seal as martial arts instructor.

The man's name is Niko Load.

The webiste is: http://www.bayareafirearms.com/martial_arts.asp

I did not think it appropriate to call and question the veracity of the claim.

However, I do think this qualifies for this forum as the company is advertising a SEAL for purposes of increasing membership.

If he is legit, great! If not, not cool.

I would really appreciate a confirmation of their claim concerning Mr. Load.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


25 September 2010, 12:19
Failure to post an intro.

Navy and SEAL are always written in the manner.

25 September 2010, 14:32
My bad! - I thought it was included as a registered user.

I am a family man, 46 years old, and work for a small government agency.

I am thinking about taking martial arts again and noticed the advertisement from a local gun club.

I have heard that many men falsely claim to be SEALs, so I sent the post above for verification.

I have read the stickies on how to assess whether someone is telling truth. However, as this is a company making public claims, I thought it wiser to request assistance from the administrators of this site.

Any assistance is very much appreciated.


25 September 2010, 14:55
Please cut and paste your intro and post it in the "Post Your Introduction with your FIRST POST HERE" section.

Then I will provide your answer.

25 September 2010, 18:17

Remember the song "Ballad of the Green Beret"?
The line that goes "men who mean just what they say"?

You just stepped into a lot of that, regardless of color of cover!

25 September 2010, 19:51
Thank you for the clarification and patience.

(I was somewhat confused between profile vs intro).

I have posted in intro per your request.


26 September 2010, 09:50
No one with the last name of "Load" was ever a Navy SEAL. Funny name though. He must be a load.

26 September 2010, 11:08
The website is amatuerish at best. WTF is an "Uzzi"?:rolleyes:

Looks like a bad joke. Go spend your money elsewhere.

26 September 2010, 11:14
I think FATty's drop leg holster is pulling double duty and actually helping to keep his pants up....

26 September 2010, 11:14
Scott Jackson

Chief Instructor, Calif Department of Justice Handgun Safety Instructor Bay Area Firearms Instruction Company. Scott has been around firearms for twenty years. He is very patient, highly understanding, and safety focused - as are all of his other Instructors. Scott is certified to conduct all levels of firearms Instruction courses through out the 50 states, Pistol, Rifle, AR-15, AK-47. Spent a long time on the island of Maui upcountry under Vietnam vetrans x-special forces groups. Shotgun,Beginning, and Tactical Home Defense, Range Officer, call for dates, times. NRA and Specialty tactical Courses

What a clown show. :rolleyes:

26 September 2010, 11:16
I think FATty's drop leg holster is pulling double duty and actually helping to keep his pants up....

Check out that website. It's like "Bubba's shootin school". Just call BR549 or swing by the trailer park for more information. Hilarious.

26 September 2010, 11:21
Instructor Bio:

Dean Abu

Dean has been shooting since he was eight years old. Like Scott, he is a big fan of the Glock line of semi-automatic pistols.

Dean is known for his great focus .

I'm sure Mr. Glock is thankful for Dean Abu's highly qualified endorsement. :rolleyes:

This has got to be an elaborate practical joke.

26 September 2010, 11:48
Sweet baby Jesus......please make it stop. Sorry, I just cant help myself. This is awesome.

Do you know that by doing nothing, you can be sued for not protection your flock. We have a wonderful presentation for all church leadership to see.

To date there have been over 50 pastors shot down in their own churches in cold blood. Not to mention other innocent people who have been shot. 4/08/09 Another Christian church mass murder in California this time. Gee this could never happen in my church, wake up!! We are are not people that sugar coat anything, We will tell you the truth. We are a direct action group. What is the proto cal if you have a person arrive in your church, and begin shooting everyone? I'm not a gun person, it does not matter, by law you have to have a plan in place. We are not called to be a victim. We will teach your church staff what to do, when no one else does. The large church in Colorado has a plan in place from four years before that they put into action, and the gunman was neutralized on the spot. We must break out of denial and protect our congregations .Denial has no survival skill whatsoever,and is very destructive, and you cannot ignore the possibility of this occurring. The second thing is what if there is an earthquake, terrorist strike, nuclear blast? What do we do? These are the subjects we will cover in our training. Call today to set a date for training. This is not an NRA Course.

Jesus wept. The NRA breathed a sigh of relief. :biggrin:

26 September 2010, 11:52
Oh my God I cant stop......

[quote=]Disaster Management Consulting / Training

This course is designed for corporate America . How do you evacuate 100's or 1,000's of people, in the even of a major disaster, earthquake, fire, terrorist attack, active shooter. The mind set to survive, keep a cool head, follow your proto cal.

An evaluation of the buildings will be done, dangerous things outside like bombs, and easy kill zone. Call for more info.

26 September 2010, 11:57
Hero or zero??

nice shirt.....:rolleyes:

26 September 2010, 11:59

Please contact our General Manager, for more information and scheduling. Bay Area Firearms Training School reserves the right to require any trainee to undergo a polygraph test administered by Bay Area Firearms Training School regarding any possible affiliation to a terrorist and or criminal organization.

26 September 2010, 12:01
Hero or zero??

nice shirt.....:rolleyes:

What are you saying? You dont think he's a SEAL? :eek::biggrin:

I'm sure wearing a SEAL T-shirt is "proto cal".

26 September 2010, 12:09
What are you saying? You dont think he's a SEAL? :eek::biggrin:

I'm sure wearing a SEAL T-shirt is "proto cal".

At least they left the Zombie Apocalypse out of the advertisement. :rolleyes:

26 September 2010, 12:09
Cue the 'Jaws' theme...

Fortunately, I already have kettle corn on standby. :biggrin:

26 September 2010, 12:12
Good Lord. Someone please, please, please go to this guy's school and film it.

26 September 2010, 12:31
"Kimmie", sweetheart -- you see that pretty large area you've left uncovered/untouched by your hands? Yeah, you wanna go ahead and fill that in, put some skin on it. In short, imagine that instead of a pistol, you had something else, err, in your hands. OK, so mucho skin contact is important in that other case, just like this one. The objectives might be reversed -- in the one instance you want to control the object SO there is a shot and in the other you want to control it WHEN there is a shot -- but yeah, get a lot of more of your hands on the, err, item.

BTW, "Kimmie" appears HOT -- whoever goes to the place to vid them needs to confirm this.

Edited to add that I'd put the pic up of what I'm referring to, but apparently I only have like .92mb total attachment privileges (I noticed this some days ago, but forgot to send the admins a PM that I think the software is being wierd)...

26 September 2010, 12:32
"Spent a long time on the island of Maui upcountry ...."

Dang, did I miss out on a battle ribbon? :biggrin:

26 September 2010, 12:48
I would consider filiming a class, but I think my time is better spent with my kids.

(Preparing them for the zombie apocalypse -- that's a good one).

Thanks again!

26 September 2010, 12:56
BTW, "Kimmie" appears HOT -- whoever goes to the place to vid them needs to confirm this.

Wow, that chick is SMOKE-in'. For a brunette, I mean.

26 September 2010, 13:42
Sharky, it is important to point out that "Proto Cal", is pronounced in the same manner as The Lady's Man pronounces "Courvoisier"

26 September 2010, 13:46

26 September 2010, 13:47

26 September 2010, 13:49
FAT something picture....I would have posted to comment to that pic, but I have the problem with attachments that I mentioned above. I'm ASSuming that is a chick on the outside of the car? There are at least two pics of that situation on their website, and neither give me enough confidence to state that the blonde is a female....

26 September 2010, 14:29
I did not know 5.11 had ownership in a Tent and Awning company..

Them's some big pants.

good proto cal by ole' 5.11

But with Fatty shooting through the window, what will bubba drive back to the trailer park?

26 September 2010, 14:37
Funs over.