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4 November 2010, 23:57
Good Day,

I have a question that I am playing a three way balancing game with and need some needed guidance as compared to most I am sure I am still slightly green behind the ears.

After an Honorable discharge from the Marines (4 year quickie but goodie) I went on to 3 contracts all in Iraq over the last three years. I am now home and looking to take on a forth which is where my dilemma is. I have been approached for three different positions all different companies all different jobs.

Company 1. Large company with potential to secure a long term job stateside after a successful year overseas. Very good pay terrible location and terrible rotation 6 months on 1 month off. Management job not leaving FOB. All paperwork and training pretty much complete and set to leave by the end of the month.

Company 2. Very well known company and respected contract which will lead to a higher clearance. Great pay, Great Rotation, though I feel that the only thing I get from Static work is a larger movie collection and a little better shape. All paperwork completed waiting on clearance paperwork for a green red light as well as Diplomatic Pass.

Company 3. Worked for this company in the past and with them like many other companies getting a piece of the recent BIG pie are looking to rehire. Very Very Very Good pay, Great rotation, however like anyone else there are still a lot of questions to be had here and really no SOLID word.

So there you have it. I know what I should do from a common sense contractor standpoint take the job that is a for sure because you just never know what could happen considering the economy here and how certain Presidents of Certain countries feel about contractors. Also with the sort of economy that we are in I guess it is as well a no brainer. So here is where I throw in the wrench. Ever since 2004 since I saw company number 2 working side by side with me in a convoy I have wanted to work for them just sort of worried to pass up on a sure thing considering I went through a nasty divorce (while deployed) and it tore my credit up which is not as bad as some other reports I have seen I am still considered a risk and I am worried that I could not get cleared for my "TS" for such reasons however I have not lost my "S" due to it (anyone able to shed light on if it will prevent would be much appreciated). Last but not least company 3 is the ideal job though it is a slight bit more dangerous running the roads in a country I am not that familiar with.

With all of that said I am still a very young lad in my mid twenties and alway looking for others insight and try to learn something from everyone I meet and work with and every job and situation I am face with. Thank you for your time if you made it this far and any and all of you who decide to write a reply it would be greatly appreciated. Do not hold back either as from what I hear I have a Leather Neck ha ha... Thanks Gents and as well if there are any Ladies in here even though I have not yet recognized anyone to be well at least not anatomically..

5 November 2010, 00:17
As well if I am out of line in anything I have said or I have posted this in the wrong section please advise and I will correct in a timely fashion.

5 November 2010, 13:55
Take the one that pays the most! Save as much as you can and take college courses online.