View Full Version : Any exp. w/ Practical Firearms Training or Pat Goodale

15 January 2011, 22:50
Looking at some local firearms courses for my wife. This org. offers some classes coming to a local gun club. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them, good or bad.


The Fat Guy
16 January 2011, 09:06
While I do not know him or the company, I looked at his site and his career progression and experience seems legit. Ask them for references, they seem to be a well established company. I would assume you are going to the Montana Class, go to the range and ask them for some feedback.

I agree with your decision to have someone else train your wife to shoot.

Prison RN
17 January 2011, 18:02
I have trained with Pat on several occasions. He offers a good value for your training dollar. Round counts high enough to teach the concepts, not so high as your are shooting just to function check the weapon. Multiple techniques are shown and each student is encouraged to find the ones that work for them.
PM if you have any questions.

18 January 2011, 11:44
Thank you for your replies.