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Hot Mess 16 January 2014 16:24

160th Accident
On AFN I heard that three died in a Special Opertions helicopter accident in Savannah. Anyone know anything?

Mars 16 January 2014 16:29

According to this article, there was one fatality. This article was from 55 minutes ago.

Rest In Peace to the fallen and a speedy recovery to the injured.

Little Fix 16 January 2014 16:51

News says that an accident occurred last night at 11:24 pm. We'll wait until things shake out before anything substantial gets posted.

JAFO 16 January 2014 16:54

Damn! I wonder if jdogonroad knows any of the crew. Prayers sent.

freds4 16 January 2014 19:20

It was just on the local news here in Tennessee, showed the downed bird, said it happened in Georgia, one fatality, training mission, little else.

Prayers for all involved.

gavin 16 January 2014 20:45

Is "hard landing" the new, politically-correct way to say crash?

SN 16 January 2014 20:47


Originally Posted by gavin (Post 1058359621)
Is "hard landing" the new, politically-correct way to say crash?

Seems so.

Little Fix 16 January 2014 23:59

It's always been that way. The most recent explanation is that a hard landing is catastrophic and a hard landing usually isn't. I expect that any mishap will be reported as a hard landing until proven otherwise.

sedativecrane8 17 January 2014 02:15

Prayers out to everyone involved.

Hugh Jorgan 17 January 2014 11:55

The difference between a hard landing and a crash is the degree of aircraft control at the time of the incident.

Sad day for 3BN.

PV74RU78 17 January 2014 14:42

RIP - prayers to those involved and their families.

jdogonroad 17 January 2014 15:08

I've been out of the loop since the accident happened. It shocks me.

I don't know if I want to know who was in it.:frown: That was my old Company. Was A Co. "Shadows" when I was in but has since been re-designated as C Co. "Shadows". This, if memory serves me, may be our first fatality by helo accident since our stand up in 89. Plenty of bang ups and write offs, but no death by crash or combat.

Which leads me to a WTF moment on the accident itself. The Hawk is fairly resilient if it lands on its feet (wheels first). But to have one pilot dead, as pilots are in the safest seats, and the CE's, in the economy class seats, with a couple broken bones each?! I assume from the info I know from the news the other pilot was untouched.

Something strange other than impact killed the one. Blade impacting right side of cockpit during crash sequence maybe?

Edit: Since writing the above, I found out that the name of the deceased would be released this afternoon. The crash happened on the primary instrument approach to HAAF (over Baldino's for those that know). That add's to the weirdness as the crash site is near the approach lighting short of the runway by couple hundred meters. Here's some local news.

jdogonroad 17 January 2014 18:23

R.I.P., Captain. NSDQ

Capt. Clayton O. Carpenter, 31, was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Hunter Army Air Field, according to a Fort Campbell news release. He was killed when his MH-60M Blackhawk helicopter experienced a hard landing during routine military flight training. Two others were injured in the incident.

Always Jolly 17 January 2014 19:46

RIP Nightstalker. Thank you for your service.

Prayers out for a speedy and complete recovery for the other crewmembers.

Prayers out for the loved ones of the Captain Carpenter.

SF_BHT 17 January 2014 19:59

Rest in Peace Nightstalker.......

Prayers out to all involved and their loved ones.

Fire425 18 January 2014 00:53

Sorry to hear this my prayers to the family and comrades.

KW Driver 18 January 2014 10:24

Blue Skies, Nightstalker.

Hostile0311 18 January 2014 11:40

RIP Nightstalker.

sixgun 18 January 2014 12:20

RIP Brothers

hawkdrver 18 January 2014 17:53

Blue skies, Nightstalker.

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