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Arna669093 17 March 2015 16:39

TACP requirements question
Good afternoon,

I did not see an AFSOC recruitment forum listed on the site, it didnít seem like an appropriate sentiment for the Lounge, and I am interested in entering the TACP pipeline, so I hope it is appropriate enough here for now. My question is regarding color-vision requirements.

Four years ago at MEPS I scored a 10 of 14 on the PIP and passed the FALANT as far as my medical records state. The requirement for the AF for normal color vision as I understand is 12 of 14, and from my research the Armyís is 10 of 14. The recruiters around me have been steadily recruiting Battlefield Airmen since then through today, even with the drawdowns.

I was hoping to gain some insight from the members herein on any situations they have witnessed relatively similar to mine regarding waivers, taking into account my passing of the FALANT and Army standards, or whether Iím incorrect about the lot.

Also, I was curious about if it is possible to retest, because I have read about a new computerized color test being introduced that is much different from the PIP, possibly more accurate. I appreciate the insight available on this site, and thank you in advance for considering answering my questions.

SATCOM 18 March 2015 08:14

The new and exciting color vision tests were not around in the dark ages when I first embarked on the military journey. It was the old school paper with numbers hiding within the images. The JTAC/TACP/CCT/ATC vision requirements are strict because of obvious reasons: Preventing Aircraft Crashes.

Just so you know, not all TACPs are JTACs or SOF. The JTAC skill is taught later in the TACP's career. Many things are waiverable, and you are correct in that sometimes they waive MORE requirements when they need MORE troops. Head on over to for more TACP specific info, there might be a troop from the schoolhouse there that can get you the latest info.

Arna669093 18 March 2015 13:05

Thank you SATCOM.

Hotmike 21 January 2016 15:13

Recommend you look up the USAF TACP facebook page or the TACP Recruiter Facebook page... doesn't get much traffic since the other pages started.

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