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bmf 2 December 2005 11:23


Tracker275 9 April 2011 00:28

Another good site that supports the memorial.

jw 18 April 2015 13:20

Does anyone have the 2015 list of names for the Memorial? I can't seem to locate it.

Jerrad 19 April 2015 09:36

Here is a list I found, can't confirm if it's 100%.

CPL Clellie Clayton Whited, Jr., USMC
LT(jg) Alvin Edward Vetter, USNR
LT(jg) John Hartwell “Happy Jack or Jack” Fezler, USNR
PFC Laurence C.Paystrup, USA
SGT Ira D. Wiggnis, USA
CPT Frederick Harrison “Harrison” Dillon, USA
1LT Steven “Steve” Todorovich, USA
SPC Justin Ryan Helton, USA

joe04 19 May 2015 13:55

Justin Helton's rank is incorrect. Should be SPC.

Haven't seen the Memorial video they did at the ball this year like the previous years, but if you missed the Memorial ceremony this year you can view it on youtube or the below website.

The auction had some really nice items this year as well. A custom 9' board, some fire arms, a Harley raffle from Emerald Coast Harley, lots of hand made items.

Cudos to the personnel who did the research on the WWII individuals, contacted the families, and advocated for their addition to the Memorial wall. The guest speakers that spoke did an amazing job at the Memorial and Ball.

At the ball for the oldest and youngest EOD grad for the traditional cake cutting ceremony, the oldest in the room graduated EOD school in 1959. There was quite a few that graduated in 1960.

jw 23 May 2015 07:25

Joe, thanks for the update. I'll correct SPC Helton's rank.

joe04 28 May 2015 07:19

No problem. Thanks.

Ole crusty bastard 16 August 2015 07:54

I drove up to visit the Memorial yesterday, only to find that security is on a higher alert and that the (school?) Memorial is closed on the weekends. I supposed I should of called first.

Could someone please post when weekends are open to visitors again, thanks.

Dahn 16 August 2015 10:48

Are there any pictures of the 2015 Ball and Auction

jw 1 September 2015 19:16

OCB, If you want to head out that way, let me know and I can talk to some friends down there to see about getting you on.

Ole crusty bastard 1 September 2015 19:47


Originally Posted by jw (Post 1058504795)
OCB, If you want to head out that way, let me know and I can talk to some friends down there to see about getting you on.

Cool, when I know date I'll PM, thanks.

P.S. We have IDs.

tim416 16 September 2018 15:14

New to SOCNET and while browsing came onto this thread. I did not know of the EOD Memorial until seeing it here.

My nephew was killed in a car accident in Texas in 2015. He was Army EOD active duty at the time. Not sure if I can sponsor something at this memorial in his memory or not. I have attached a link to the news story of his accident for your reference.


Thank you.

jw 23 September 2018 17:24

Tim416, You can purchase a Brick dedicated to him. Here is the link:

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