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ussfpa 21 September 2019 09:40

Nothing short of awesome

Positive vibes and eternal thanks

Ole crusty bastard 21 September 2019 09:47

Great work guys, thanks.

leopardprey 21 September 2019 10:42

This is what supporting the boots on the ground is all about.

Well done to all. Prayers for the recovery and long road ahead to the WIA soldier.

peter28 21 September 2019 13:44


Originally Posted by ussfpa (Post 1058815872)

That really is awesome.

How do they use 26 gallons of blood? What situation would require so much blood?

ussfpa 21 September 2019 13:55

Massive transfusion protocol...not unusual for a prolonged resuscitation when definitive surgical intervention is delayed. Of course, there are other products as well that are administered and I am sure contributed to the total. Not to mention that he probably became coagulopathic (DIC). Many factors to consider...

peter28 21 September 2019 16:53

Got it, thanks.

usmc_3m 21 September 2019 18:04

Outstanding work. Thanks for sharing, ussfpa.

8654maine 21 September 2019 23:29

Damn that is outstanding medical work.

Bet the team was dealing with the Trauma Triad for a LONG time.

Hope the best for that stud.

The Fat Guy 22 September 2019 01:07

Godspeed, Brother. Thanks for sharing this Doc. No effort is too great.

hawkdrver 22 September 2019 02:54

Awesome. Thanks for posting this Doc.

agonyea 22 September 2019 07:03

Awesome, Teamwork ! Thanks for all involved. Prayers for the soldier healing and recovery.

schibbs 22 September 2019 07:43

Thank you and the Lord's blessings!

Mars 22 September 2019 09:27

Outstanding work done on so many levels. True professionalism and brotherhood!

Prayers out for that Warrior's recovery.

hawkdrver 22 September 2019 10:09


Originally Posted by leopardprey (Post 1058815879)
This is what supporting the boots on the ground is all about.

Apologies in advance if out of my lane in here. Not sure how often you hear from the AF on this.

THE biggest privilege of my career was to be in a unit that got the call whenever one of you guys needed a ride to the CSH or the Role 3 downrange.

Hard for me to adequately explain in a few words, but there is very little my guys would not have risked to get you guys back home safely. I hesitate to speak for the aeromedical guys and girls but I've done enough patient transfers to say with confidence they feel the same way, as do the airlift guys who are tasked with this.

There is no better feeling on the planet when it goes right, especially with injuries this severe.

I can not imagine a more rewarding mission.

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