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B 2/75 5 September 2013 23:54

Let's See Your Scooters...
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I miss this old girl badly...

91 FXSTS Springer bought new from the Aviano BX Harley vendor. Got bored and after 6 months took a hacksaw to that nice chrome springer set, and didn't look back. Went from 21" bicycle tire front end to 16" with '47 Indian Chief fiberglass fenders. The front fender called for the brake caliper to be inverted, so when you hit the brakes, your front end would RISE instead of dipping. Odd, but not a handling issue. Note the nice bronze 2/75 coin set into the caliper. Wide, low bars. Chromed controls. Big fat headlight. 5 gallon tanks (originally was 4.2 gal) 3 dot light dash w/ tombstone speedo. Hand made leather tank divider. '50s original Harley cop skirted solo saddle with T bar, bushing welded onto frame between tanks. Rear fender struts sawn off, forward chrome strut cover bolt holes convenient for seat spring mounting. Stock motor. Granny's Gears kick start, because that was cheaper than fixing the hold-in starter jackshaft that shit the bed at 10K miles. Jay Brakes pegs / brake master. Loud shotgun upswept fishtails. Tombstone tail light. Left side kidney tool box.

She ran bone stock, but looked great. Took 1st Place in the Cherokee Rally bike show in 93, and 1st place in an EZriders show in Memphis in 94. Note the lack of a back seat. Intentional.

Rode it hard for 10 years / nearly 50K miles, and sold it for a 6K profit to buy a house in 01. Been in a car since :(

BOFH 6 September 2013 02:12


Originally Posted by B 2/75 (Post 1058320071)
Been in a car since :(

Now THAT is tragic. My credit is shot to the point I can't even get a VA home loan, so I'm saving to buy a house with cash. As such, I will continue riding my shitty little Honda Shadow 750 for a good long while...I still miss my last Harley, though. 75th anniversary ironhead Sportster. I bought it after a wreck and rebuilt it in my kitchen. much as I miss it...this little Honda just refuses to die...and at least it's not a car...

VNSniper JDS 6 September 2013 07:36

Me and a few buds[I thought I was the only nut that had a plain white ride]:

Highspeed160th 6 September 2013 08:59

2006 streetglide
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43,000 miles.

CV 6 September 2013 09:05

I'll snap some photos when I get home tonight. I have a nice little HD883 rat bike that is lowered and kitted out. Sweet local bike, hard-tail makes it hell for any rides longer than 30 minutes.

JoeArmyNCO 6 September 2013 09:35

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Cherohala Skyway on my VFR 1200F

Husker19D30 6 September 2013 09:39

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2007 Ducati Monster S4R

Dragbag 6 September 2013 09:52

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This old dog is my sled, don't get to ride it much anymore.

busa 6 September 2013 10:07

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The "old days", all gone but one. Being a one eyed troll now, I have given up riding....:(

leopardprey 6 September 2013 10:18


Originally Posted by Dragbag (Post 1058320130)
This old dog is my sled, don't get to ride it much anymore.

Pretty awesome looking, beautiful bike - but how was it to ride and handle?

GST 6 September 2013 10:24

[IMG]<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 12R.jpg"/></a>[/IMG]

2005 ZX-12R

Football Batt 6 September 2013 10:37

2004 R1150GSA

leopardprey 6 September 2013 10:42


Originally Posted by Football Batt (Post 1058320155)

That is the one I want!( either the 1150 or a 1200) (ever since reading Neal Peart's, of Rush, Book "Ghost Riders" and Charlie Boorman's "Long Way Around".

They seem to be proven for long ride international/cross country trips.

What is your experiences/reviews on it?

Scotty 6 September 2013 10:52

From the previous bike thread. My 02 Fatty

13F/COLT 6 September 2013 12:06
My first Harley, 2011 SG w 103.
Highspeed160th I ended up getting the riders claw after seening your photos last year.
B 2/75 and Frog, those are some nice rides!

Hot Mess 6 September 2013 12:12

Calling Kid A, calling Kid A:biggrin:

KidA 6 September 2013 12:18

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Originally Posted by Hot Mess (Post 1058320199)
Calling Kid A, calling Kid A:biggrin:

Right here!

1979 P200 Vespa 4-speed manual.

Stock the motor runs 65-70.

Cut down legshield, cut the bars and dropped them. Machined aluminum clutch basket (custom).

It now has a Honda CR250 piston and head custom ported and matched to the stock cases. RD350 Reed block intake. 35mm Mikuni flatslide carb. Rear tire is a 130. Custom expansion chamber. Front disk brake.

Pushes about 37HP on a scooter that weighs 150lbs.

Top speed is unknown but I've had it around 95 mph. Being a 2-stroke I can trounce crotch rockets and Harleys off the line all day long - as long as I wanted to continue replacing clutches, which I dont.

Fun bike. I've had RD350s, Ducatis, etc, etc and this is the most fun, esp when in twisties. Even better when passing "big" motorcycles on the right in the twisties.

PS the front shock is a Fournales air shock that is air-dampened by a custom air tank built into the body and I can raise and lower with two hidden switches under the seat while on the fly.

tooslow 6 September 2013 12:35

I was waiting for that... on my Jawa.

13F/COLT 6 September 2013 12:51

What is the hole in the seat for? Is that for a highspeed class 4 dump while in the twisties?

24/7 6 September 2013 12:52

This tread SUCKS!!!:biggrin::rolleyes:

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