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Medic5392 30 December 2011 19:38

UNCLASS Downloadable "Call for Fire"?
Is there a download, easily available, for laptops that does simulation for CAS and IDF? Thanks.

275RLTW 30 December 2011 21:16

Are you looking for just a 9 line & call for fire procedures or something similar to the old GuardFIST?

Medic5392 30 December 2011 21:25

Really just anything that simulates it as close as can be, I heard the GuardFIST was actually pretty good. Any suggestions or POCs to get discs or downloads would be great.

VMI_Marine 31 December 2011 13:26

Looking to see if I can find a copy of FOPCSIM anywhere. It was the Marine Corps' downloadable simulation program a few years back, supposedly you could get copies for personal computers.

VMI_Marine 31 December 2011 14:01

This is the only link I could find to download FOPCSIM. It requires a CAC card to access. I'd download and rehost, but our bandwidth is horrible out here.

hawkdrver 31 December 2011 14:12

Thanks VMI. Didn't know this was available.

Medic5392 31 December 2011 15:39

Thanks VMI
Appreciate you taking the time, if anything else is out there, let me know!

VMI_Marine 1 January 2012 07:13

I don't know if that version of FOPCSim incorporates CAS or not, I don't believe that it does. The Marine Corps has largely moved on to using the Deployable Virtual Training Environment Suite, which uses the GENSIM and JSAF programs for Combined Arms Training. We've had a fair amount of success using DVTE to teach our Marines CAS and CFF while on float. We can simulated Type 1, 2, and 3 CAS, as well as schedules of fire and digital CAS. I don't think they've made either program available for download by the public, though

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