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Justaclerk 14 November 2019 08:13

Muscat, Oman
Anyone here work the area? Likes and dislikes? I'll have a car, but I think the Emirates will be too much of a stretch unless I get some time after ENDEX.

Justaclerk 18 December 2019 01:00

Gotta admit, I’m liking Oman. Stable, peaceful, efficient by ME standards. Omanis actually do the work of the country augmented by expats. You can even buy property as an expat in designated areas of Muscat. As an added bonus, UAE is only an hour drive from the site.

I’ll probably be back for a more extended stay to help stand up the operation.

Justaclerk 18 December 2019 14:19

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Nothing like flying on a quasi-Russian carrier. Sheesh.

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