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jportal50 1 August 2017 15:13

Live Bear Cam - Alaska
I find this pretty cool. Been watching it, but also have it playing in the background (water running) as I write mid-year reviews. Relaxing.

Sigi 1 August 2017 15:18

Ha, that's awesome. Thanks for posting.

Spinner 1 August 2017 15:18

Have to load up on the calories because just like Game of Thrones, Winter's Coming!

Spinner 1 August 2017 15:50

Bear's patience finally paid off, he got one.

Tycon 1 August 2017 17:27

Sure miss the AK Summers (all 12 weeks, :biggrin:), winters not so much.
Denali, Alaska 1970s

Spinner 1 August 2017 19:34

Bears are feasting right now, this must be the time of day that the salmon really give it a push to get over that hump, they're flying all over the place.

Even the cubs are getting in on the action.

Spinner 3 July 2018 20:53

The Bears are having a field day right now with all the fish making their way upstream.

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