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KidA 2 November 2018 09:25

The Escape Artists
Daredevil Pilots and the largest prison break of the Great War

Picked this up to read on the plane - it was only in hardcover at the airport book store. Read it in two 3 hour flights.

Good read, interesting story. If you're a WWI history buff (like I am) you'll really enjoy it. Will probably be made into a movie at some point I suspect though prison break movies always have to be weighed against the Great Escape and Papillon.

monray 4 December 2018 14:06

Found the book preview and read it. Looks interesting, will buy and read it, thanks for the recommendation.

Whoever else is interested in the a preview, here it is

KidA 4 December 2018 20:06

Thanks for posting that. Great book? No. Very interesting book? Absolutely.

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