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1RiserSlip 4 December 2018 22:18

101 y/o WWII Veteran tells secret to Longevity
I thought this old feller has the right fix.

101-year-old WWII veteran credits longevity to daily Coors Light

Mingo Kane 5 December 2018 08:57

I watched this on FOX while sucking down a cup of pick me up...reckon it's time to pop a top. (no pun intended) :smile:

Ole crusty bastard 5 December 2018 09:06

I should be good for around 125, if the elixir really adds years.

leopardprey 5 December 2018 11:29

All in moderation.

Good motivational news story.

hawkdrver 5 December 2018 20:43

That's impressive.

Having to drink Coors Light every day is kind of like being a vegan though: sure you'll live a long time, but why would you want to? :biggrin:

1RiserSlip 5 December 2018 20:59

He switched to light beer in his mid 80's for health reasons:)

leopardprey 5 December 2018 22:26

Said for the taste also. Personally, I am the same - like the taste of most lighter beers. Think that stout beers or all these craft beers taste like a mix between piss and vomit.

Give me a:

Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Tiger Crystal
Beer Lao
San Miguel Light

Mingo Kane 6 December 2018 09:09

A nice Mich Ultra, ice cold, sitting on a beach, the taste of beer mingling with the salt residue on your lips--yeah, that'll work.

leopardprey 6 December 2018 09:50

I like drinking my beer in a glass full of ice as well. Something I got use to doing working in Cambodia for four years. But people here in the USA look at me strange when I do, but it keeps the beer ice cold.

Use to be my evening ritual after a day of training or patrolling, back to the small village of Pramouy. Little restaurant, literally a wooden shack with a couple of tables and benches. Get a mug full of chopped ice, an Anchor Beer (which suprisingly taste very similiar to Michelob Ultra), and a small bowl of peanuts.

WGH0922 6 December 2018 22:04

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Originally Posted by leopardprey (Post 1058766809)
I like drinking my beer in a glass full of ice as well.

Happy Birthday Mr. Slavonic. I like my glass of San Miguel or Red Horse with a chunk of ice in it. That works over there, not here. BTW, last week I was deep in the jungle (Little Manila) and came across these 'Apple Flavored' San Migoo's. WTF kind of metrosexual clown throws apple flavoring in a perfectly good San Miguel? My hat, glass and San Miguel Grande at the beach in Leyte last summer.

Mingo Kane 7 December 2018 08:50

Balboa beer and the Ancon Inn...good times for those who remember Ft. Sherman. ;)

1RiserSlip 9 December 2018 17:17

Just an update. Apparently the Coors Company rewarded this WWII Veteran with some gifts.

MillerCoors surprises 101-year-old WWII veteran with fridge full of Coors Light, trip to Colorado

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