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bullet65 27 August 2019 20:10

total ankle replacement
today was spent at Vanderbilt hospital taking more xrays and cat scans. The Nashville VA had performed the mri earlier this year. I was informed by the VA that the injury I received in 1987 while in the USMC did not heal properly. Because of this I walk on the outside of my right foot by about 15% offset. This has led to bone on bone for many years with arthritis and bone wear.
The VA said this was too specialized and referred me to Dr. Gallagher at Vanderbilt. they had to cat scan to be able to build the jiggs for surgery. She will be using the Wright Medical device.
My question for you great folks is has anyone had this performed and if so how did it go.

steve 28 August 2019 08:08

My wife was told years ago she needed this for her ankle to be right. At that time they told her the technology wasn't there to create a moveable joint and her ankle would basically be useless.

schibbs 28 August 2019 08:16

Our associate Pastor ( 70ish) had both ankles replaced a few years back. Had a ton of rehab and today walks just fine. He does , however, have to take it easy going down stairs and I keep waiting for him to have an accident and launch the communion chalice into the congregation!(smiley face) Hope your surgery goes well!

bullet65 28 August 2019 12:57

thank you for the replies

bullet65 9 November 2019 18:09

UPDATE 11-9-19
had the surgery at Vanderbilt in Nashville on 10-21-19.had follow up visit this week and removed brace and stitches. installed a cast that I will be in for the next 4 weeks. still no walking or weight until that time. The day after surgery I was thinking what did I get myself in with the pain but then the next day it went away. only took about a half week of pain pills.
I understand that im not walking on it but there is no pain now and before it was all day long. return to work Monday light duty. phone duty. still can not drive for 4 weeks which sucks.
I will update at that time,

RemTech 9 November 2019 18:25

Heal well

schibbs 10 November 2019 10:37

Hopefully, the healing gets much easier . Patience, I reckon, though I have little of it myself. Hang tough, bullet!

DB8541 10 November 2019 11:23

My son who in boot camp fractured his ankle running down the squad bay steps to start the Crucible event. He refused to get recycled after it was checked out (as most recruits do), gutted it out and completed the event on a bum ankle. The medical staff should have pulled him but didn't. When we had our visit during the libo day prior to Grad his ankle was a swollen, Nasty! purple and black mess! He also completed the last 5 mile 3rd BN Moto run the morning of Libo day.

After 25 years in the Infantry, I couldn't believe he was allowed to continue and finished the event when I saw it. 4 more years in the infantry and needless to say he had nothing but problems with it his entire enlistment. Now the VA is fitting him with ankle braces and talking about reconstruction/replacement.

Keep up with the updates from your procedure. I wish you a speedy and successful rehab on it.

bullet65 10 November 2019 14:08

thank you all, I will keep everyone updated

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